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    When the character of a person is not clear, look at his friends

    Can a person's character be judged on the basis of his friends' circle? How would you make such a judgement?

    This is a Japanese proverb. We come across many people in our day to day life. Some will become acquaintances, not friends. A friend is for lifelong and an acquaintance is for a short time or lifelong where it does not go beyond that. In the case of an acquaintance, it becomes difficult to understand their character. This happens mainly with people in the office or in the neighborhood with whom we come into contact on a regular basis. In such situations, it is better to look at the friends' circle they maintain. In the case of our children also we have to check up from time to time to find the company which they keep. This helps us to see that they do not get into bad circles. It is the case with our acquaintances also.
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    Nicely said. If you want to know about a person, be with him the whole day and travel to a distance as to how he behaves. Knowing about a person through his friends is the great idea. Good persons always move with peer group and the friends name thus suggests. That is why when a groom alliance comes, the parents of the daughter would contact the friends of the boy so that total information can be gathered. Because we always share intimacy and total personal details with the friends and thus we get wholesome information from friends circle. One thing is sure long lasting friends are the need of the hour and not just wishing friends.
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    Whether this suits now or it was suitable then , I am not sure. But during my college days I had heard one of my elder relatives saying ' A man is known by the company he keeps with, a woman is known by the company she keeps off". I do not know how to give a meaning to that because I was not clear about it then and now.

    But yes, just as a vessel can affect the content inside, a person's character can be impacted by his close friends.
    As a corollary we ca to some extent assess the character of a person by knowing his constant and regular companions.
    As the thread hints, it is imperative for parents to know about the friends of our children.

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    This thread reminded me of an incident that happened few days ago. I had been to Bangalore and I met my old friend after a long time. I happened to work with his boss sometime back and made a courtesy call. It was just before 1 PM and he offered me tea and immediately said it was lunch time asking me to join for lunch. Thanking him, I told that my friend was waiting for me to take for lunch.

    He said, "..... your friend?"
    "Yes sir, we were batch mates and joined together", I replied.
    "It's okay... Anyway, Is he taking you outside or Canteen lunch?" , he added. Thus our conversation continued.

    Friend of mine here is little lenient and not having good reputation among top brass. Thus the boss wondered how he could be my friend. Of course, I tried to maintain that personal friendship has nothing to do with the official behavior of the individuals (not in spoken language,but our body language says about it).


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    I would say that if we look at the friend circle of a person, it would definitely tell about their nature, but this will not be same with every person.
    Some people have a variety of friends of nice and also of weird character, then how will one judge the nature of that person?
    Well, this is true that the company of people we have tells a lot about one's character and personality.

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    Yes, a person's friend circle tells a lot about a person and his behavior. I once attended a seminar where the presenter asked us to write names our best friends in our copies then all the bad and good qualities of our friends too with their name as much as we can remember later he said all those qualities which you saw in your friend bad and good to some extent you too have those qualities. And I believed in this theory of his because knowingly or unknowingly we end up making friends who have a lot in common with us which tells a lot about us.
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    This also proves that the birds of a feather flock together.
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    Yes. I agree with the author. By seeing our friends the people will assess us. Even in Chemistry also there is a theory. regarding solubility. It says like dissolves in like. Organic compounds will dissolve more in organic solvents whereas inorganics will very rarely dissolve in organic solvents. Only water is having the property of accepting both organic and inorganic and is known as the universal solvent. Generally, we will get attracted to people whose wavelength will match our wavelength. There are some people as mentioned by Pooja whose friend circle will be having all types of people. Those people are like the universal solvents. Such people will look into their positive character only. But the other people may get some doubts about this person also. But these people won't give much importance to such feelings. In a circle of friends if all are taking a drink if you are with a cool drink glass also people think that you are also having the habit of drinking.
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