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    What we can learn from Anil ambani who followed his mother advice

    Few days ago article appeared in times of India titled "I went through torture... It's not for the ordinary. You have to be tempered like steel, says Anil Ambani". Everyone knows Reliance communication shut down its wireless operations in December 2017. Well every person have a story behind and learning experiences.
    Debt laden reliance communication had 46,000 crore debt. One day kokilben ambani caught him in tense mood and told him "to ensure no lender loses a single rupee" and amil ambani followed & decided to shut down most operations to rcomm. Planned to reduce debt to 6,000 crore and signed the deal with Jio. He also told he own money morally, rather than legally. He tried to buy few companies but failed due business reasons.
    Reliance communication also was the 2G scam proceedings and company employee arrested for no apparent reason. Finally you came out from it super clean. He told that cbi also brought minister Mr raja for interrogation. Her wife Tina ambani also faced cbi questioning. During this time he learned who is his actually friends.
    Mr Anil ambani told that world is with people who have lot money and either you have sell your business and buy someone to remain in business. He also remembered his father words for money "Anil, money is a very funny commodity.' When you have money, more money comes. And when you have no money, no money comes"
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    Some years ago when many indusries started collapsing and employees lost their jobs and had to leave even without getting the last month salary, an experienced person said: Industries are dying, but industrialists are flourishing.

    The same is the case with Anil Ambani of Reliance or for that matter any big industrialist.
    Big industries are started not wit the promoter's own money. The promoters will have some namesake amount at start. Then they get money from shareholders, borrow from banks and creditors and run the industry.But the bulk of the profit goes to the promoters in one o other name. The profit/loss itself is only after the promoters using the money on directors fees, TA,DA, entertainment, conveyance, medical facility, commission etc. The irony is that promoters do not become personally responsible for the company's defaults and their personal assets are kept separately and insulated. It is such ironies that help people like Mallya get off so comfortably and enjoy their life when those employees who gave sweat and blood for the industry and industrialist's profit are on the streets.

    I as a reliance communication customer has lost some money due to their arbitrary action. I had lost my prepaid balance when they shut down suddenly. There will be many thousands like me.

    Now I read reports that the elder er Ambani's group is trying to take over the assets of younger Ambani group company. Again see what happens. Who loses ultimately? The big shareholders or investors would have exited taking their profit as they get to know inside news very early The losers are the small investors, the banker, the small creditors, loyal clients etc.

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    Business is not the cup of tea for everyone and that is the reason why so many knowledgeable people work for businessman rather than having their own business.

    If a business can not compete in the market it has to be closed and if lenders can be compensated it is the best ethics we should follow.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Ambanis are no less child that they have to be taught the secrets of business. They have political affiliations and if that fails, their business are at loss and they manage to come out as many banks would queue for them to finance and then they tend to stand up on own. If Reliance communication has failed not because of his business, but because of arrogant behavior of the staff who were rude on phones while receiving the calls and thus many customers shifted their brand preference to other cell phone companies and I am also one of them. In that case they are bound to make loss. They can create new companies at the drop of the hat then what is the use again the service of Jio is not satisfactory and people are shifting their preference to other operators, Soon this will be another set back for Ambanis.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is true promoters will never lose. Only the employees suffer. In Hyderabad, one of my brothers in law was working in a company in a senior position. That company was in losses so they decided to sell it. During the course of this transaction, the promoters were very careful in settling the matter in such a way that will get whatever they have to get from the company. All the employees were forced to resign as the purchaser don't like the staff there. Their accounts were never finalised saying that company is in losses and they don't have money to settle their dues. The employees almost lost lakhs of rupees as a result of this closure. But promoters happy.
    Another aspect is if the customer is not happy with your product or service, there is every chance that your business may end up in the loss. But even the customer is not happy also there is no loss for the promoter but again a loss for the employees only.

    always confident

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