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    Do you visit social media for fear of missing out or as the casual gallery observer?

    Suffer from FOMO phobia? Join in this analytical discussion of why FOMO exists & what your own views are.

    It is possible that the fear of missing out, also known as FOMO is described as a "pervasive apprehension" that others might be having great experiences from which one is absent. Sometimes we are willfully absent for many days and suddenly when visiting the time line you find most of the friends were simply enjoying one event or other and we have been left out. Though we do not want to be disturbed by the message alerts the whole day, the FOMO effect does bother us to visit the social media at least for a glance as to what is happening over there.
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    I do not have any kind of FOMO for the social media. I just have a habit to go there on daily basis just to see what my friends are doing and just to view some more activities.
    Sometimes facebook gives some nice ideas also to write, so I keep scrolling it. These days they have some more nice web content on daily basis. I don't know what is it exactly called, but there is one web series kind of thing, they call it the PopXo app and they have some nice entertaining videos on it. There are some more like the Timeliners. These days we can see some nice funny videos on the Kanpuriya language, those are all enjoyable and mood-refreshing. They have also some good and motivational videos also to watch that are shared on daily basis.

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    I don't think there may be FOMO for anyone but chances of peeing into the site proceedings without getting logged in. Generally established members do expect that their contribution should be recognized and any mention about them in their absence would be felt as a token of love and affection.

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    Yes without getting logged in and watching the happenings in social media is also part of FOMO.
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    I felt this FOMO on the early days of my marriage I got married and soon left to USA. I did not log on to Facebook, just because I was lonely, I also had this thought of missing out. I update my status now and then to let my friends know that I am active and can count me on every discussions. But anything will get bored, if you are more connected to it. The same way, I also lost interest and now, I just go scroll the news feed up and down.

    However, the tagging culture brings up new enthusiasm in logging onto fb. Some may find it irritating, but I find it funny, that we let our friends know, what w enjoy in specific or what reminds us about them. The same we could feel when we get tagged.

    Also, social media is the easiest way to get the news from different fields across the world. So, now I log on to any social media, just to observe what happens among my social circle and different views of political and entertainment across the nation. No more fear of missing out.

    Sri Vetri
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    I don't care about such FOMO. I have not even opened my FB account to check for new years post. I go as per my own mood just to see others activities. Apart from that I am not FB person. If there is any post which I feel to comment, I do it or else just come out without posting anything or any comment. I have no fear of missing out something if I could not login to FB.

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    I don't feel any time fear of missing out(FOMO). I spend very less time on social media and that for a time pass. I spend more time on ISC. I may be spending 15 minutes on FB the whole day. Somedays I may miss it also. But I will try to open ISC at least for a few minutes every day. Generally, I put likes to the posts which I feel are good and very rarely I post something on my timeline. But definitely 25 days in a month minimum, I will send Happy Birthday greetings to almost all my facebook friends without missing. I use WhatsApp to convey information to my family members and friends. So even though I have not seen FB for many days also I don't find much difference.
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