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    For many people life starts after retirement

    Isn't it delightful to have loads of free time to engage in varied activities after retirement? Share you experiences of what all you enjoyed doing on retiring.

    Some of my friends used to comment that their actual life started only after retirement. Sometimes I also felt like that. During the days I was in service, every day was a repetition of the days gone. After retirement there is variety. Everyday gets engaged differently. This definitely improves the health conditions and leads to a happier life.

    In addition, these days allows visiting friends and relatives. Attending different functions like marriages become feasible. Even going for tours to places of interest are being made possible after retirement. When all these are considered after retirement there is more freedom to enjoy life.

    At the same time this is made possible only because of tiresome job done before retirement and earning enough money for all this!
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    It is true that many people become more active and busy after retirement. They try to mingle with people and as many as relatives as possible. It is one way very nice to see them more energetic but people at ho,e feel that they should take rest live peacefully. Perhaps the lack of time and preoccupations could have let them tight lipped while in service but majority of those who got retired become more talkative without caring the feelings of others. but I personally feel one should get engaged himself with one or other activities to divert the feel of boredom and retirement.

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    I agree with what author has said that for some people life starts after retirement as their whole life went on fulfilling responsibilities and caring for others and they only get rest when they get retired. And since they become so habitual of their work life it becomes difficult for them to stay free so they often give this time to the passions they couldn't fulfill during their early years. Some people even start to learn the various form of arts, developing new hobbies going on trips and lives the life they always craved for.
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    Yes I agree with the author. Due to paucity of time when we are in service, we have conveniently missed, functions, programs and even celebrations of near and dear one citing reason for having busy work schedule at the office. Now after the retirement one has the ample time for himself and also to cater to the needs of the others. The first one knock your door are the juniors of the office who would like to learn more about the desk job you have done. And once you are free, the house hold chores of attending the needs increases. Invariably I found the elders of the house are entrusted to drop and bring children from the school or college and also attend to current office, telephone office and banks to do daily routine works. Nevertheless after retirement one can pass time with friends, gardening, visiting marriages and functions and also be busy with social media.
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    This is true for the older generation. For the present generation, the life starts once they start earning. The older generation people used to complete their responsibilities like children education and their marriages. Then only they used to think of owning a house and saving for the old age. Their relaxed life starts only after all the responsibilities are fulfilled. Now for the present generation, it is easy to things by getting loans and acquire all the necessities early in the life. They enjoy life almost from the early stages.
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    Life after retirement is a very new phase and though many of us relax and enjoy but there are also a large number of people who feel themselves unoccupied and unemployed after the hectic life they lead during their tenure in their organisation.

    Some people can not accept the vacuum after retirement and again join some job and try to be occupied.

    In fact people can productively work till age of 70-75 very easily except the bad health cases and it gives them immense satisfaction in doing so.

    So different people perceive retirement life differently and have different yardsticks to feel it's warmth.

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    This is a very positive thinking. Indeed, during working days, there are many such thing in life you can't able to do. Your responsibilities towards your job and family not provide you such freedom. After retirement there is ample of time to recreate oneself, to try to do something which you have been not able to do. Its a freedom you can enjoy but you have to have planned it before you get retirement. True, its a new life start at that age if it is positive, it can only brings happiness and self satisfaction.

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    As people getting older, they are less bothered about the things that stress them out. It will bring renewed sense of happiness and wellbeing.
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    I agree with the author. The life starts after retirement. As long as we were in our service we may not be able to move out of our work many days in a row and hence we may not be able to travel long distances. We may get many invitations for functions etc. but we may not be able to attend due to the exigencies during that time in the office. Similarly, many of the activities of our life may be getting a second seat and we may not be able to spend sufficient time even with our own family. So after retirement, we will be thinking of all those missed aspects of life to be fulfilled. We can attend functions without fail. We go for tours and pilgrims. we can go for outing with our family and friends. We can entertain guests more and we can also become guests for many. That way the retired life is really good. But the financial position of the individual is very important here. If you have sufficient money with you, you can do all the above mentioned. But if you have to depend on your wards for money, I feel it will be again a complications only. If the retired person is a governemnt employee he will have a pension, so he can do all his requirements on his own without depending on anybody. But the retired person is not having a pension or some deposits in the bank, he has to depend on somebody else for financial support. In such case, it is again a problem. So I say the real life starts only after the retirement if he is financially free.
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    I have a different version to note. I never felt that life during career phase was boring or monotonous. I was blessed that the particular job I was in gave me lot of opportunities to meet and interact with a lot of people. I can say that my horizon broadened and I could get to know a lot of things, meet different people , visit different places , learn different languages - all only due to my job.

    Yes, I agree that I had to defer or forego many things . But not all of them could be done after retirement also. I had also not kept a list of what I missed or deferred

    I had quit my job many years before my notional retirement. Many of my friends and colleagues felt how I would pass my time. I knew that I would be engage even after my quitting my job too. There are some problems also associated with post retirement. We cannot avoid a social function, because people will say now 'you are now free'. If we absent or avoid they may mistake us as doing deliberately.

    During my career phase also I did not neglect my family. Except the office time I used to be wit my family and any outing also we would be going as a family only.( for that our son had his school timing also ).

    For me except that I am not going to office, I do not feel any change after quitting job. Yes of course, ISC is something happened to me after my quitting job. Some of the old routine are replaced by new routines . That is what I find the difference.

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    I agree, especially in this busy life we forget to live. It us only after retirement we get ample amount of time for ourselves and to do the things we love. I sm looking forward to my retirement life, even though I know there are lot more years to go.
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    It is true. Many retired people wantonly doing all household works by themselves without any tiredness or hesitation. Some people are there as they keep on sitting with newspaper or books by telling that they have worked enough during their service period but they dragged themselves into some or many diseases. My father used to do all purchases for the house volunteer without any hesitation. Once my wife asked him on his return from bank work why did not tell before going as he could avoid second time walking. My father replied not to worry and he again went to the shop and finished that work. He used to say that he was busy well only after the retirement. To that extent the gut was with such old people but we?

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    Noted the different views given above. My contention was after retirement one feels like having unloaded a heavy load from the life. But in my case that retirement was not for getting rid of work load so far had. From the same year itself I had to join another institution to take up another assignment.(Research Coordinator) and later as the Director of the same institution. After finishing the term there I was invited by another Resarch Institution. Again, after finishing that a third assignment came in hand. Of late I have been working as the President of a Service Cooperative Bank since 2013.
    These indicate that I have not yet retired from "service", though retired from the major service at the age of 60, after working more than 35 years.


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    Just now I have seen this beautiful post. Yes, some people start new life after retirement. I know a person who joined Central Government as Lower Division Clerk after passing his Xth Standard examination. He married off his sisters and only daughter during service. After retirement, he resumed his study and now he has obtained M.Phil degree in history. He has gainfully utilised ten years after his retirement in studying his favourite subject.
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    Life after retirement depends a lot on how our life has been until retirement.
    As children we all listen to our parents,teachers, study hard, as teenagers we have the uncertainty of how our life is going to be, how our career is going to be. Then we get married and slowly learn the responsibility of a family, then we start working and earn for the family, children's education and growth.
    Then we have the major task of allowing our children to fly off and start their own families. By this time, we would have reached or just retired. Suddenly we find a whole lot of time that we never knew it existed. Now, we have time to relax and enjoy the hard earned time. We can spend with our grandchildren, wake up late, have a leisurely walk, find our emotional and spiritual balance, visit the places that we couldn't earlier provided health permits.
    So, in many ways, life starts once more after retirement but what the author states is very true, we should work hard while we can to have a happy retired life.

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