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    It is OK not to know everything

    Is it necessary to constantly have knowledge about everything? A bit of ignorance is just fine, as mentioned in this thread.

    We all come on this earth and learn so many things. Nobody learns from their mother's womb, then why get worried about things. We don't have to answer anyone' it is absolutely right to not know everything in life. Life has its own track of experiences. We are here to learn something, to master something, to improve ourselves.

    Some of us get worried about little things and act as if we know everything, just with a thought that people might make fun of us if we don't know something. Each one of us is a learner here on this earth. So, just relax and don't feel bad if you don't know even a simple thing. You have the chance to grasp that now.

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    My answer is very simple. There is a beautiful saying related to this in Tamil - " Karrathu Kai Mann Alavu, Kallaathathu Ulagalavu". This means what we learn is only a fistful size, and what we don't learn is of world size. All cannot master all the things in this world. We cannot be expert in all the fields. Therefore, one should not worry about their non-learning, unknown things and insufficient knowledge about something. However, one should be a Master of one thing or something in life.
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    Yes nobody can learn everything and hence one shouldn't strive for perfection but to sharpen once skill in any task given. Because people running behind perfection often end up being sad and lonely because they can't achieve perfection.
    So the need is to stay fool, cool and learn every tool. Most eminent personalities from the past- the great innovators of the past time were once called fools and mad people. So it is not a bad thing to be called a fool and one shouldn't feel ashamed of not knowing things and fear of being called a fool.

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    Well there is no compulsion or necessity to know everything on earth but to live with ease and not to be get fooled or carried away by others, it is better to know everything, though we may not practice it. For example you need not smoke but the ill effect of smoking how it affects even the passive smokers could be learned and known. Like wise one need not consume alcohol but how the drinks would destroy a person life slowly can be learned. Like wise there are many issues and matters to which we are not concerned but yet learning them is important. For example how would be the prison life and know how the temporary convicts and professional convicts move in the same barrack. All these are knowledge galore for persons who want to learn on daily basis and by learning those things we cannot brand that person bad or not needed.
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    It is humanly impossible to learn everything. Knowledge is like an ocean. Our life is not sufficient to learn everything. What we learn in our lifetime may be a drop when compared to an ocean. So if somebody thinks that he knows everything it is his foolishness only. So we need not feel bad if we don't know something and we need not hesitate to declare that we don't know. Sometimes we observe people who beat around the bush as they don't have correct knowledge on that particular subject. But openly accepting that he doesn't about that issue will never lower your rating or prestige. So be truthful in accepting your limitations. A person whom we think very knowledgeable will always accept his limitations in that field. We may have a little better knowledge of a particular subject and our knowledge may be zero in another subject. It is true in many cases.
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    No person knows everything. In any case one lacks to have knowledge on some even silly matter. As no human face looks alike the talent and knowledge also differ from person to person. No person hold his mind that he knows everything but he himself does not know when his feet get slipped. That is what a Tamil saying is there,'Yaanaikkum adi sarukkum' which means even elephant will get slipped one day. This does not mean that we are ill-advised but we are alerted and informed that the other also have knowledge than us and we should be away ourselves from ego. Though a B.Com graduate who obtained gold medal in Accountancy we cannot expect him from operating 'Tally' for which he has to get training in Tally. Having knowledge to some extent on all is good to a General Manager but it is not correct to say that he is capable of doing everything by himself but he can supervise the things well with his knowledge.

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