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    Mithali Raj as the coach for Team India boys -Is that possible?

    Do you think Mithali Raj can take up the reigns as coach for the national men's cricket team? What is your opinion?

    Our Indian women's cricket team captain and ace cricketer Mithali Raj has participated in the TED talks program hosted by Sharukh Khan and during the interview she was asked whether she would be ready to accept the responsibility of coaching our men's Team India cricket team.

    Predominantly cricket is a male dominated game and a woman coach has not been thought so far. When there are women umpires, women commentators and women interviewers for the game, why not a woman coach for a change? Will the boys accept this suggestion?
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    No, its not possible. Even Mithali Raj know it. Though, the women cricket team has reached to newer height aftre the world cup and indeed their playing attitude has changed to match with male cricket, yet it is just not enough. A coach is one who look after physical training to technical things about bowling or batting. He/she has should have enough experience. At the same time, the level of male cricket is different, which may or may not match with the quality of Coaching of Mithali Raj. There is no doubt about her talent in batting and she is a great player in women's cricket. However, it is long to go when we can imagine of her having a coach status in Male cricket team.

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    Indian Women's Cricket Team still requires the service of Mithali Raj for at least another 5 years. So, she can't be the coach of Indian Men's Cricket Team right now.

    The coaching of the Men's Team has been very complicated and scientific, unlike Women's Team. Mithali Raj, although she is very talented, will be a total misfit as a coach of Men's Cricket Team. Women's cricket is at least 50 years behind than Men's cricket everywhere in the world.

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    Definitely not possible at the moment. Though she is a world class player in women's cricket, it would be apt for her to take the coach role for the Women's national cricket team but that also is too early now. It may happen in future. Indian Men's cricket had lots of senior players who can take the role of coach for the Men's team. But we don't have many great players in women's cricket. So, I don't see any chances now for Mithali Raj to become the coach of Indian Men's cricket team. If in case she gets a chance to coach Men's team then she should be given the opportunity first to coach the Under-19 Indian team. Once she proves her coaching ability, then she can be given the opportunity to coach Senior Men's Indian cricket team.

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    Mithali Raj was a gifted Cricketer. Presently she is serving the Monen cricket of India and there her services are required for some more time. So it is difficult for her now to spare her time for men's team. Indian cricket team of Men requires a special person who is able to make the team stronger and should be able to go with them and make them a good team. So she may not be there for service to the team.
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    A talented player who has been instrumental in the recent triumph of the Indian women's cricket team. She can potentially contribute by assessing the team's strengths and weaknesses with a woman's intuition. Can't She? Although one person wants it to happen and the other has said, I will give my best, I don't see her coaching the Indian's Mens team for a long time. Mithali Raj can be the coach of a lesser known men's cricket team. The way I can see her progress is, she would continue her contribution in Indian women's cricket, enter into an all-female version of IPL (if it happens) as a player or a coach. Or, she could be roped into any of the celebrity cricket leagues or even a male IPL team in future. She would have all the talents and skills but for the Men's team coach job, there would be more suitable candidates for a long time.

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