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    Baffled over imminent threat from Kim, US President Trump wants to chat with him

    We all know that North Korea is bracing itself to take on USA and the Country's leader Kim has been threatening on regular basis that he would attack USA at any time as the switch of nuclear capable arsenal is very much present on his table. Baffled by such kind of statement on the new year day, US President Trump has come down from his egoistic attitude and now expressed his desire to have a chat with Kim and address his problems. Can we expect peace in the works with this proposal from USA?
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    US want North Korea to be vulnerable so that a regime change can happen by its own or with the help from US. We all know that how US moved things in Iraq and Libya and succeeded. President Kim knows very well this plan and also knows attacking US base is suicidal for him. That is why he started mass production of nuclear weapons.
    A war can happen only if US starts evacuating its civilians from South Korea and Japan. That is not happening. Hence as of now, there is no problem.

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    I think chances of a war are very less. Neither North Korea or the US is ready for a war. Both the countries no the strengths and weaknesses of both the countries. So taking a military action is something like committing a suicide. Anyhow it is good if some dialogue takes between the top persons of both the countries. No country is going to start the fight by themselves. But provocative remarks and counter remarks will go on getting published and popularised.
    always confident

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