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    Are we really what we are?

    We all have our ideas and opinions about anything and everything. If we do not have the necessary information, we gather it and then form an opinion. Do we really express what we think and what we feel? Most of the times we are afraid of expressing anything that is out of ordinary even if it is correct.The reason simply is that we are afraid that someone may disagree and feel unhappy about us. We are always mimicking in our life. The society also does not like people who think independently and labels them as liberals. The most annoying people are those who won't state their opinion in a straightforward way and talk in a via media manner like a cat on the wall. Honestly think about how many times you stood up for something that you strongly believe in? Most of the time we are living according to others than being ourselves. Be yourself and act yourself when you strongly feel you are on the right side.
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    Yes. You're right. Someone rightly said "We are all puppets on a stage". We have neither choice nor voice. The thing is no one lives the way they please. We live to please. Morality is given to us to bind us.
    Tame us. To make us all tolerable. We have no choice but to obey the morals and live as a duty.

    As for our opinions are concerned, we hate embarrassment so much that we rather remain ignorant.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    If one starts undermining himself, all sorts of misconception and wrong thinking in negative way starts. Who is stopping you from opening up. Share what you want without fear. By the way why should there be fear factor ? Freedom of expression is the constitutional right and we are always allowed to free talk provided it does not belittle any person, organization or society or religion. As long as you maintain dignity while talking, the world would support you no matter you have taken up some contagious issues of sentiments even. What I suggest that every one should talk either favoring a system or against it.
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    That is correct, most of the times, we behave like others and lose our own significance. In my case, I am a straightforward person. I speak exactly what I mean and stood up to it.
    I have my strong opinions on certain topics, which I follow. While in most of the cases when I forget things and people say that you did not do it, I keep a kind of written email for it and show them as proof that I really did not forget it and did it, to let them know that I am not such a stupid person as being felt.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    This thread is pointing towards a true situation. Most of us are facing this in our life. There are several reasons for this. At times we pretend we have understood what the other man has said, but actually we would have not even heard it properly. In front of a person who is a Senior to us we show a sort of artificial subordination. In fact our mind will not be accepting it. Such artificial behaviour comes when talking to a woman or a leader or a teacher, etc.
    Even while writing a letter this attitude can be seen entering into our usage of words. So in every man/ woman there are two faces.


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    This is particularly true with people who have a say in our life. Sometimes I know that what my boss is telling is wrong. But by telling that we are getting bites from him and even then he is not stopping the actions the way he wanted and finally losing and understanding the problem. But if we tell him upfront he will see that we will lose somewhere. So we will keep silent. Sometimes when we visit a big man for some favour even though what he is telling is wrong we will keep silent. Otherwise, he may not be ready does the favour to us. But if a person who is no saying in our life and a person who can't raise a voice before us is doing a mistake we will catch hold of him and give him all sorts of lessons. This is the nature of the person. I experienced this situation many times. In my profession, I used to always speak the merits and demerits very openly and advice the people to follow the right path. This is backfired on me in the yearend and I lost some good money in the form of fewer increments.
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    We are not a standalone being in this world. Even in our own body though each organ has its own special look, characteristic and function, each cannot function as it deems. Each one is connected to all other parts and organs by blood circulation, nerves and signals and various other intricate cause and effects. The body will suffer even if one part is affected. So the control centres will give instructions in a way to see that the body functions properly and the reflex action centres will respond and react in case of some emergencies. The body has its own mechanisms to adjust and adopt to adverse and advantageous situations.

    The same is practised by us by our conscious mind. Initially any child will be straight in action and reaction. By and by the experience teach it to react, respond or remain silent depending on previous experiences and projections.

    Even 'right' is also relative. If two persons stand at head and tail of number '9' one will read it as nine and the other will read it as six. Both are right. Many times 'right; also relates to one's own presumptions and bias. Generally that which favours us will be right for us, and that which is against us is taken as wrong.
    It is still an ideal utopia to see a person totally unbiased and unattached in its strictest sense. But the position is subject to change and individuals differ on the degree of bias or attachment.

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