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    Negativity in some people.

    Some people take life as a challenge to face it and try hard to go ahead in the race for success. They see things in a positive way and believe that with sincere efforts life can always be rewarding and good times are ahead.

    On the other hand there are people who perceive life as a dark alley and see everything as disappointing and frustrating. They see the negative side of all actions and their results. They will discourage people for attempting any difficult thing anticipating a failure.

    So these negative people not only see doubts and confusions in their life but observe others also with same feeling of desperation. They will only see the negative points elsewhere also.

    Why some people are so negative about the life? What is your opinion?
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    I think, the time has come when we stop thinking about what others do but look into us as what we can do something special. Instead of wasting our time to talk about such people, we should start something afresh.

    However, if the negative person is our friend or relative, we should talk to them, try to bring out the negativity they have. We should look into the matter why he/she feel such a way? If possible, try to help him out from such situation. If the person is not your close one, leave him/her to come out their own.

    We all have different situation in our life and act the way we have experienced it. So, definitely if someone is negative, he/she might have experienced such a away. Judging people with their behaviour is not something, I personally appreciate.

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    There is no negativeness in the world. For example, a black spot is placed on a white paper. Most of the people see the black spot on the paper, but remaining other than black spot is white could not be observed by anyone who have negative mode thought. What I am saying that negativity is in the thoughts of the people but it is not natural in people. So first of all, negativity in people is obscure. Therefore, saying about this is completely questionable in self mode. But, it is not to be discussed any where. That means it is within the boundary of psychological periphery of one's own mind.

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    I think if someone is negative near around you then its good for you because you will able to know what things are bad inside us or you. I really avoid pure sweet people because they hide true things to us. I like real life people who say whatever happen.
    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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    I feel negative people around us will bring negativity in our approach, They always feel all aspects as very difficult and always have a fear of losing and getting defeated. In that thoughts, they will bring negative thoughts in the people around which may lead to the defeat of people. I experienced this many times. When we have a little doubt about any issue if we approach people with negative thoughts they will see that we will lose the battle. At the same time if we approach a person with a positive approach he will make us have positive thoughts and we will see success in our vicinity when we are with them.
    always confident

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    People who can think positive, broad minded, able to take risk, able to work for them and spare time for others are the real gem in the society. What is the use of spreading negative thoughts, negative talks and deviating from the main task. Such people are opportunistic and they does not want to get out of the problem that easily. One thing is sure for the positive thinkers even the situations would be favourable for them and Gods would bless them, because they are out to help others. And those are with peer group always have positive thoughts flowing in their mind than those who are messed up with negativity.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Actually, the fact I feel people get negative on situations so easily on things is because they get a feeling of failure if they fail, and they get this thought that there are no more chances and they will not be able to do it. They forget their capability and are moved more towards the darker side.
    The thing is they accept failure. If we find such people, we should encourage them, tell about the brighter side of life.
    We should healthily make them understand that there is always a bright side of the coin. We just need to keep trying. We should not let our efforts die. We should help them overcome the negativity in them.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    Every coin has two sides. It is simple that people has different opinion deed the different sides of a coin. Just because, we couldn't see the other side, Doesn't mean we are right and the other one is wrong. It is about the maturity of understanding their view from their point of view.

    Importantly, it is not necessary to walk on the shoes of everyone to understand their views. From our past experience and our bonding to that person will make us realise the intention of that person's negativity.

    Try to understand the person's view, only if he/dhe doesn't want you to get into trouble with your action. Just ignore the people who just peep into give an opinion in order to show off their knowledge.

    There are certain jealous types talks negativity. Simply because of their inability to match your ability.

    Some innocent types of people talks negativity, because of their limited knowledge , it is your choice to show some light or just ignore.

    As the author mentioned. I see some people seeing negativity in everything and lamenting their own life, but later I understood, they just say to avoid the evil eye of others. That is, deep inside, they actually enjoy their life but they don't want others to know it and feel jealous on them. So, don't believe on everyone who says they see only downs in their life and pity for them.

    All are blessed in one or the other way. If we could see the positives in one action and others see only negatives, it doesn't mean we face an obstacle, it is a positive side that we r confident enough to handle the negative sides of it confidence.

    Sri Vetri
    Spread Positivism

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    There are few typo in my previous comment.
    I tried rectifying, since there is a technical error in validating my email ID, I'm not allowed to edit again. I raised the complaint with WM.

    Positive people are confident enough to face to negative consequences too.
    This is what I meant in my last sentence of previous comment.

    "we r confident enough to handle the negative sides of it's consequences"

    Sri Vetri
    Spread Positivism

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    I feel sorry for such people, who see the negatives more than the positives in major tasks and decisions. It may not be entirely their fault because life would have been unkind to them. They would have always faced or been part of failure, whenever they try to do something different with courage and a positive approach. It could be a matter of once bitten twice shy when things have gone wrong, these often stay in the back of minds and the hardships that follow such failures act as a deterrent for these individuals. We should help such people as it takes a lot of effort to change the mindset of such people. With support and reassurance, we can ally their fears and make them understands that negative outcomes are acceptable and we just need the courage to accept it and bear it. Similarly speaking negatively about such people is also wrong on our part. Lastly, if the negativity starts affecting us and these people are not willing to change, we need to back off.

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