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    Makar sakranti/Utraayan

    As we know India(Hindustan) is the land of culture and festivals. We Indian's celebrate the each festival with all joy and happiness. And each festival has their own value.
    So I am going to tell you about one of the festival of us. Which is coming in month of January and we celebrate it on every 14 of January,this festival is called Makar sakranti or Utraayan. On this day in most of the states this day is celebrated with flying kites. And in different states we known it by different name like makarsakranti ,Utraayan or so many name. This day celebrate because Lord sun his place from other means he came into his in laws house(as per kundali).
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    Makar sakranti or Utraayan is very famous festival at Gujarat and people celebrate it by flying kites and eating dhokla, khaman and sweets. I also celebrated many times in Ahmedabad and I put mike to make commentary also and at day end we fly one paper lamp with candle and will fly till ending and leave it in the sky .

    Its now remembering things we still feel happy on remembering those day.Thanks for sharing your post to remember me those days again.

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    During Uttarayan, the sun transits from South to North trajectory and thus the days will be more and the nights will be lesser time. That means by 7.30 PM only the sun is going to set with full darkness and by 4.30 in the morning the Sunrays would start appearing in the eastern horizon. For those who lost their father, they have to given Darpan on 16th of this month when the Uttarayan starts. Many people feed the cows, feed the poor and many gives rice and other items to the brahmins across the country. And for the people of TN on 13th is Bhogi, 14th is Sankranthi, 15th is for Kanumu, 16th is for Mattu Pongal.
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    The Uttarayanam is supposed to be a very auspicious time. The total year is divided into two ayanas. Uttarayana and Dakshinayana. Uttarayana will start from Makara Sankranti day. The uttarayana is found to be very auspicious and almost all festivals will come in this time. All good auspicious Muhurthams will be during this period. Many marriages and Upanayanams will take place during this period only. Upanayanams (Thread Marriages) are being conducted only in Uttarayanam only. This year in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana the Makara Sankranti will be celebrated on 15th January only. We have to perform special rituals on this day to our elders.
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    In U.P side from where I belong, this Makar Sankranti festival is also called as "Khichdi". We pray to God and touch the raw items like turmeric, salt, flour as a ritual. We keep that all in some small packets and that is sent to the Brahmins in a temple. We prepare 'khichd'i on this day. My mother mostly prepares the one from 'urad' pulse.
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    yeah its also called Khichdi too. On that day we distribute khichadi, peanuts, gajjak, rewari to seniors of families and take blessings of them, And also distribute too others like sweeper, beggars etc.

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