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    The moon which wants to appear forcibly

    If not tomorrow but after some years, I may be start calling myself a middle age man. But, this is not my worry factor anyway it will happen naturally. As for now, I am thinking about how to stop myself getting bald. The front side of the hair is almost gone and in the middle of my head, the new moon is trying to appear forcibly.

    I don't know whether I will try to stop hair falling at this age or not but taking it positively as I may soon going to join into such elite group of people who have attractive moon on their head. (No offence I mean, please take it sportingly)

    After all more than your physical appearance, it is your true character which is more important in this world. I am hoping for the best and looking forward positively.
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    I am waiting to welcome you in the prestigious 'bald-head' club. Joining this club has many advantages. From my personal experience I can say that the members of this club enjoy some distinct advantages. Many people think me wise and wealthy.! As an original resident of Bengal, I want to remind you the famous Bengali quote :"Tak thaklei Taka asse" (Money automatically comes to a bald-head).
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    Actually many elders say that getting bald is the indication of knowledge and wisdom as those who have attained baldness, they have spent considerable time on education and thus they are one step ahead than regular hair persons. By the way people will give respect to the bald hair persons and they feel you are elder to them. Even in public transport, the youngsters would vacate their seat for you. So never feel down with bald head. It is the natural looking way for many. Some may get baldness in the young age and some gets bald after thinking too much about them and others.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Haha Partha, you brought smile on me. I expected your response. Yeah, its an old Bengali quote! I often use to tell this to others, now the same might come back to me. Indeed! earth is round.

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    Getting bald is a sign of prosperity and it is a sign of intelligence also. Most of the intelligent people will have a bald head. Most of the rich people will have a bald head. That by seeing you with bald head everybody takes you as an intelligent and rich man. You will definitely get respect from many. That you are lucky and you need congratulations from all of us for getting bald.
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    It was the other day that I got a fair knowledge of the 'moon' slowly rising on my scalp. As the mirror I look everyday shows only the front side, I am aware of the receding forehead. From side and back I had not seen any significant bald patch except for general thinning.
    But a couple of days ago when I visited a mobile shop for recharging, there were mirrors all around and even on the ceiling. There was CC TV also.So I had a clear vision of my balding pate, though still the thin hair cover is hiding it to some extent for a normal view. As I am not dyeing my hair, It is a mixture of more grey on sides and front and relatively black on other portion.

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    No life without Sun

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    I agree with Sun. Baldness is associated with weakness and stress. It is a disorder that bothers teenagers and adults alike.
    Male pattern baldness is very common and I don't think that baldness can be associated with prosperity . Think. Baldness is found in people who succumb to stress. And can such restless people ever be prosperous?
    I don't think so. And yes, higher testosterone in body too increased hair fall.
    So...meditate before its too late.

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    Mr. SuN and Mr. Aditya Mohan: Baldness is hereditary. It is not distinctly associated with wisdom, wealth, weakness or stress. It is caused by rapid decay/death of cells of the skull.
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    The title and thread both are funny because I never thought about it that how people feel when they began to lose their hairs at the early ages or even before middle ages. My father is also among one of these people he began to lose his hairs around the age of 35 years which was a start and now he is 47 years old and almost half of his hairs are gone. We often tease him when he is in good mood about his hairs and he takes these jokes lightly but reading this thread I feel he might have felt this way.
    And as far as reason of it is considered I agree with the Partha sir that it is hereditary as my grandfather lost his hairs around this age my father too and uncles too and Now my brother fears for the same although he is in his early twenties because of this fear of losing hair he cares for his hairs too much and we often make jokes about it that soon he will also in the list of bald gang of the family.

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    It is interesting to read all the replies and happy that it has been taken positively. However, the baldness is genetic and also it happens reaching certain age. For those who lost their hair early in their life could be because of hereditary and for some it happens due to age. I think for me it happening due to age, it has still time when I can be called a bald man but slowly I can reach that level. As what I am experiencing is, my hair slowly become thin and got hair falls so rapidly may be this is the reason my moon on my scalp may want to appear so desperately. But, I hope I have still some more time to enjoy covering my moon with my hair until it appear brightly.

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    Hair falling is a natural phenomenon in mid or late ages. Sometimes it catches in early age also. Most of the people are concerned about it as it is of cosmetic nature.

    In many cases, it is due to hereditary reasons. Today market is flooded with hair loss control and hair growth oils which are selling as hot cake and being used by people as a desperate attempt to stop their hair loss. How much effective these remedies are is a question mark.

    Sooner or later we have to accept this biological process.

    Knowledge is power.

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