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    What if ISC have a news section too?

    Like the forum, article, education and ask experts sections e.t.c. What if one more section is included which is news section. With the advent of smartphones and other handheld devices we rarely read the newspaper and often read news online.
    If ISC will have a news section too it will be more convenient for the members and they can find all the things in one place. And this will be more good if there can be few links to famous editorials. What is your thought about this idea?
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    ISC is considered to be educational site and as such we may not be interested to have news items appearing in the pages as a separate section. ISC has been maintaining the stature of spam free site and if news has to be included it is understood that all spam news appears and that wont serve purpose.
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    I feel ISC doesn't require any news section. What the Members need is permission to discuss and analyse news-items without any partiality from the moderator(s).
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    Starting a News Section in ISC will not be a welcome suggestion, that is what I feel. Because the news appearing in different media are very often confusing. Which one we will follow ? If we want the correct picture we might need our own correspondents.
    Perhaps we can limit to certain subjects and try to post reports from those fields. For example, new inventions, election results, development related reports, such other useful details may be covered. Even in such reports genuine data must be guaranteed. Otherwise the news section will be just another replication of other media.

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    I also feel it may not be correct to have a news section. This will become a place for writing any item you hear without any authentication. So it will give chance for much unreal news coming to the channel like any other social media channel. It may not contribute any addition to our knowledge or Education and thus the very focus may get disturbed. But as told by Partha we can place a thread on some important happenings and our views and comments on that particular item and others will also discuss the merits and demerits which will be an education to many.
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    As rightly said by Partha, we are not here to post news and read news, but to study and analyse the important news that is fit for our discussion in the forum section.
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