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    What are the rules for AdSense Revenue Sharing ?

    Currently, ISC provides 90% of Google AdSense revenue to its members when member's article gets click from the visitor. I want to know, how long does ISC allow this 90% revenue? As far as I know, it is one year for the Gold level but does not know about a level of Gold. Kindly give all rules related to it.
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    The webmaster has the discretionary power to allot as to how many years the member will receive the adsense through his submissions to this site. And that again decided on the ability of the adsense holder to create good articles. I have invariable seen many members appending good articles on varied topics are given the adsense eligibility extension of up to five years. So it is very clear that one has to perform here continuously with good article writing calibre that will not only help the author but also help the site to earn from those contributions. It is simply give and take policy.
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    Mohan's answer has clarified the doubts of mine also. All these days I am also thinking the same point. But never raised any thread as my Adsense account is not active. I think even today it is not active. But the process of sharing has been made clear by the senior member. Thanks to him
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    Yes, by default the sharing is for one year. However, via a request message to Tony Sir, you may receive an extension. This extension could range from one year to three years. Exceptional contributors who are very consistent in their contributions without long gaps may get an extension of more than three years.

    A good way to get an automatic extension for articles' revenue share is to republish old articles. However, you absolutely should not republish article just for the sake of getting the extension. You must first check whether it is getting any traffic. During tuning of old articles, those which do not get traffic & thus are not fetching revenue will get shifted to the archives so there won't be any question of you getting a revenue share from those.

    Note that contributions in other sections are also checked out when the Webmaster decides on whether or not to grant an extension & for how many years. It also depends on quality & consistency as well as adherence to rules. A member who has been constantly posting copied contents or violates other rules of the site will not get any extension.

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    All above authors have given full clarity on AdSense revenue sharing. But, be careful that copied content might be permanent ban from writing content on this website. Webmaster shows discretion by resisting increasing points if objectionable matter posted on the website. To reach gold level is the first step to apply for AdSense account to participate in AdSense revenue sharing. But remember that comparing with adsense, ISC puts severe action to prevent plagiarism to their content because it is their earning website. Once losing confidence from it does not tolerate to the requests from ISCians like me. So, writing contents with quality is important here and optimized content is only to be written here because it is earning potential to this site.

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