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    Are old age homes the need of the day?

    Do you think old age homes are increasingly a necessity? Are they truly better places to stay for senior citizens?

    Recently I met a friend who had shifted to an old age home because she was left alone in the family. She had lost her aged parents and was single. I just wondered why she had to live there. Several questions arose in my mind. Is it safe for someone to stay elsewhere with people whom you don't know? Sometimes circumstances in the family make it compulsory for children to send their parents in such homes. Although nowadays It is a place where utmost care is taken, there is a social arena and all facilities including medical facility taken care of.

    Kindly put forth your views regarding life for the aged in an old age home. Are people thrusting their parents to such homes, so that they live a comfortable life? Or is it advisable to put old parents in such homes out of necessity? Are these homes trustworthy?
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    God forbids, for that matter there should not be any old age home at all. It is the express duty of the son or the daughter to look after the aged parents. In this case she seems to be single woman and had the compulsion of shifting to old age home. Again there might be some relatives or the well wisher who could have taken care as at least like paying guest. But some people wont accept to stay at others place and for them old age home is the last solace place to stay.. Who says old age homes are not safe. I have seen even government run old age homes where in timely actions are taken and the old age citizens are well taken care off. I appreciate the Christian missionary old age homes which are clean and hygiene and also they have good ambience to live in peacefully with even library facilities.
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    Old age homes are the necessity of the day. I am telling this confidently as I myself was in an old age home for three and half years. From what I saw and gathered from the inmates, old age homes are a necessity. There are so many changes in our society which necessitate the old to live by themselves. The children are going to other places to make a living for themselves. It is not possible to keep their parents with them in the flats are or small portions of houses in which they live. It is not possible to pay the needed attention to the elders due to their busy schedules like children going to schools and employees going to offices.
    I have interacted with many inmates and found that they are happy as it is. Some are staying there because of their children being outside the country. They find it difficult to maintain their own homes without help. They are renting out their house and staying in old age homes as they need not bother about house maintenance and preparation of food. Few of them are there as they do not have freedom living with their children. Some stay there as there is no one to take care of them. The elders have the company of the people of the same age group in the old age homes. The other inmates and the management take care in the event of ill health.
    Do not have a bad impression of old age homes. Now there are retirement communities for those who can afford it where assisted living is available. Depending on the individual's specific circumstances, they may have to go to old age homes which take out a lot of burdens.

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    Highly disturbing trend…….

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    Old age homes are not the culture of our country. But unfortunately, these have become a requirement in the today's society. If all the children are taking care of their parents then the requirement will not be there. But in the present given state of the country, they are very much required. If you pay a visit to some of the villages in Andhra Pradesh only old people are staying in those villages. All Younger generations were in cities or other countries. These old people will have a lot of money with them. There is no paucity of funds. But they won't get any person who can help them in their living. As long as they can manage by on their own they are staying there. Once they are not able to manage on their own they are shifting to old age homes. For the sake of their care, the children who settled in other countries don't want to come back and the parents also don't want them to do that. So for them, these old age hp\omes are very essential.
    If there are no such homes, the people can't continue living alone or they can't go to the other countries where their children are staying.

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    Certainly. I read one thing from whatsup. A son of an old mother keep her into a old age home. And periodically he visited there and look her after paying the monthly payment. One year later a message came to him from the home that his mother was serious. He with his wife and son rushed there immediately. His mother was in the deathbed and by seeing her in such condition he assured that he would spend more money and save her. Mother simply denied and told her request to provide fans and refrigerator to the home as there was no sufficient fans there and they unable to offer food in time. Astonished son asked her,'why did not tell this till date'. Mother told patiently,'son, I am aged too old and managed through my experience but asked to do this only because of you as you should not suffer when your sons admitted here'.

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    I don't know how the old age homes are. But, I really do not like and never want the elders to ever go there.
    However, the behavior of most of the youngsters today, have created hectic situations for the old people to survive. That they feel that old age home is the only right place to live.
    When one's own family is not ready to talk and care, old people are left alone in the house and struggling with their time, they are lonely most of the time. I have seen people do not even talk. The loneliness to survive makes them go to these old age homes. Their own children do not care. The loneliness makes them weaker and the excitement to survive starts fading up from their lives. At such point in time, old age homes must be taking care of the old people serving happiness to them.

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    In our country we would need more old age homes. In many discussions, the moment we say old age homes, people equate it to a careless, heartless son and an abusive daugther-in-law.
    It is not the case always. The common reasons is not only neglect, it includes inability for the chidren living in small apartments to take in their parents, children who are frequently transfered, children who are settled abroad or elderly couples who are chidless.
    Many people have ancestral properties but nobody to look after the elderly people and the large homes which needs a group of house staff. At most old age homes at least they have a degree of safety, food and other daily needs of supplies, help at hand or washing clothes etc is taken care of. In many metros the concept communal living that is between a home and a hospital would fast appear, these would be places with accommodation, basic amenities including food and primary health care unit,

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