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    Why we tilt towards wrong people and then go in wrong direction having known the consequence ?

    I have seen some people who are highly educated, having good stand in the society and gets good respect from every one are suddenly being diverted and induced with connection from wrong people and thus they tend to follow the wrong path and get caught by the law. Though they know that the path is different and also danger to the life, yet they believe the new friend who might have promised the heaven on the palm. Why people get diverted to such actions which are very well known to be anti law and the law can punish them at any given time ? I am talking of diverting mind towards playing cards, going for race etc.
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    Every person will have some weak times. During those times their mind may not work in the proper direction and do some silly things which will bring many hardships at a later stage. There are some people who slow poison the good people with bad thoughts and they will get the others ruined. Even in those acts, nobody may be getting benefitted but they will spoil the other person. That is the major problem in these issues. Initial they will start those works as a fun but later on, they will get addicted to those acts and they start getting ruined. I know people who were professors in Universities who have a very strong knowledge in the respective field will get diverted with this ill doingd and get their career spoiled. I know a very famous person who is no more today was one time a great scholar in Telugu. The people used to like his oratory skills and used to invite him for lectures. Somebody made him have a drink one day. From that day onwards he became a slave to the drink and used to come to the ideas in a drunken condition and do a lot of hanky-panky there. Slowly people understood and stopped calling him for any program.
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    According to 'karma'theory, this is the fate dragging him or her towards the destiny, I believe. A famous king Dhritharashtra, really highly educated and wise dragged through the words of kandari and sakuni. Learnt Ravana lost his life along with his totality because of the word from his sister surpanaka as the Sita found beautiful. Lord Rama run behind the golden deer. Even in some offices, the higher up also not hearing the words of his subordinates but hearing the words of some unwanted persons and face into problem.
    It is used to tell by our Spiritual Guru that we can get quickly acquainted on any thing according to the person we got associated. If we with good people who are in the spiritual way, we dragged to a good way but is easy to get badly involved ourselves if we associated with the persons drinking or bad things.

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    It is the general behavior of every one of us. Things that are bad for us and will have a worse effect, people are attracted more easily towards it, because it seems easy and outgoing. But unfortunately, the truth is bitter, it badly affects the mankind. Some people have good control over themselves and they are not taken over by situations or things so easily.
    For example, alcohol which is bad for health, people still take it, they say they do it occasionally. But if started to intake, they will slowly get a habit of it, taking it once or twice in a week, or at least once in a week. Inspite of knowing the consequence, they are attracted towards it.
    We know junk food is not good for health, still we eat pizza and chips etc., this tilting pattern is in general with all human beings.
    As we say good things are powerful and need to be absorbed with full dedication. To stay fit, we need to eat helthy food, so we need dedication towards a good health.

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