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    As expected South Africa 1-0 lead against India in Test Series

    As I told before the beginning of the freedom series India vs South Africa as I predicted South Africa will win the series 3-0 against India in Test matches as the first match is over and India will face some chin music in the next matches as the two test matches played in Bowling friendly pitches so more bounce and seam.Do you think India has a chance to level the series?Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    Some times the home team has the advantage home ground understanding and good supporting crowds which would cheer them to win. Just because of one win by SA, we cannot underestimate our boys. In another two tests there are going to be some fire crackers from our side and the author would agree to that. When ever Indian team has lost in any match, the next one has been superb and thus the fans would forget the wounds of having defeated in the past. And by the way cricket is the game of unusual happenings and I firmly have the faith on our Team India boys and wont let down in the second test.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I wish India should come back strongly in the second match. Even in the first test, We have a lot of chances to win. A little over 200 is the requirement. I thought our boys can do it. But unfortunately, the victory has seen the faces of another team. OK. It is alright once in a while. But we need not think as if everything is over. Still, a lot way to walk. Indian team should spend more time on the nets before the match and get themselves into the groove. If the coach and the Captain work on the members of the team and gives them some good hearing, there are chances for them to win. But our track record in South Africa is not very shiny. So we should be ready to hear any kind of news. Our players are not very well get adjusted there. So the outcome may not be always shiny only. But we can't say that they have already lost everything. Only one game they have lost. Let us wait and see the result of other matches.
    always confident

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