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    You have lost my respect

    At that time television didn't reach our household. My cousin took me to Eden Gardens. I was mesmerised by his physical fitness, agility and sharp eyes. He used to keep Bedi, Chandra, Venkat and Prasanna with ease. Later he used to keep Kapil Dev with same ease despite the fact that there was no other medium-fast bowler in India of same standard. He was a member of World Cup winning Indian team. He was considered one of the best wicket-keepers of the world of his era along with Alan Knott, Rod Marsh and Wasim Bari. At the very last stage of his career, he became a useful lower-order batsman with ability to stay in the wicket. I was is awe. I had tremendous respect for him.

    At an awareness campaign organised by Rotary Rajan Eye Bank and Rotary Club of Madras, T Nagar, the former India wicket-keeper pledged his eyes to Rajan Eye Care. People were very excited by his noble gesture. However he retracted his pledge later citing religious reasons. By this act, he has tremendously harmed the organ donation movement in India.

    Syed Mujtaba Hussain Kirmani! You have set a very bad example to others. You have lost my respect. You have lost the respect of crores of cricket-loving Indians.
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    I think it is unfortunate that he went back on his pledge on the grounds of religion. I feel that a good deed should be done irrespective of any religious tenets.

    I did read about this incident & came across an interesting article at site about organ donation not being against his religion as such.

    We may look at it from another angle, that he said it on the spur of the moment and did not really wish to donate his eyes. However, it was also not nice to say "And not everyone in India honours their pledge." Why bring "everyone" into the picture? He did say, additionally, "But it shouldn't deter others in coming forward to donate their eyes," Will that appease people? Doubtful.

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    Why make a pledge and later on going bank on that too on religious grounds. It is not at all welcome feature. If he might have mentioned on my personal reasons, the damage might have been less. But unfortunately, he brought in the Religion into the picture. That has done a considerable damage. Everyone may not go back with his words but he is a dignitary with a lot of fan following and his words will carry more weight than an ordinary man. The effect may be more. Of course, no one needs to go back basing on his words. Once after death what is religion and what is caste? But when public figures take some decisions they should be careful so that damage will be less and normalcy can be brought back at the earliest. In a country like India where people are really into hero-worship, these heroes can do many things without they themselves getting affected.
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    I think pledge has been done without any coercer or pressure then why Kirmani has to back track from his promise to donate his eyes. Celebrities do pledge in the full glaring of media and then back track citing various reasons. This sort of behavior is not tolerated. When Aishwarya Rai become Miss world and when she came to Hyderabad during that time, she pledged her beautiful eyes with Prasad eye hospital and that commitment still stands. There is nothing wrong to donate organs and no religion comes against our decision. May good sense prevail on Kirmani and reconsider his donation of eyes again.
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    Going back from pledge or forgetting one's own promises really sets bad example especially if the region is not genuine. And the Cricketer should have given a valid reason if he had any serious problem related to eyes but citing a religious reason coming in the way of doing good deed can't be considered a reason to forget his pledge. Its really disappointing especially for his fans.
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    Taking back his own pledge is personal and we don't blame for that. But citing religious reasons is not correct. He could have given thought at that time and not now.

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    When the soul with religious faith leaves our body, the dead body doesn't have any religion to follow. I don't know what went wrong with the great cricketer. Yes. Truly he lost our respect. A pledge should remain without any alteration. Otherwise, it cannot be considered as a pledge but a temporary joke. Kirmani should have thought about his pledge and his religion well before pledging. Kirmani, a good young man turned bad old man.
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    "Taking back his own pledge is personal and we don't blame for that."-I simply don't understand. What is the meaning of pledge?
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    I would like to put forward the real message behind organ donation in Islam, as the cricketer is a Muslim.
    I would like to quote the words of Dr Zakir Naik, a very famous and knowledgeable orator of Islam on this topic.
    "By the conference of Ulemas of the world… today they say that organ transplantation is allowed, if you satisfied 3 conditions. First is , the organ that you are going to give to the person… the person if he receives the organ, his life will be saved. Only if his life is in danger, and then if he wants the organ, then its allowed. Point number 2, the person donating the organ, he should not do it for economical reasons… not for money , not for getting one lakh rupees, or 2 lakh rupees. Third is, after the person donates the organ, it should not cause loss of his life. Today, science tells that there are certain organs in the body, for example the Kidney. One Kidney is sufficient for a human being to survive and lead a normal life – the second is an addi­tional. So if suppose my mother… if she has both the Kidneys fai­lure and if I donate one Kidney… surely Allah will not hold me responsible – But natural if it does not cause a loss to my life. I cannot say… 'I want to donate my heart'. If my heart is taken out, I will die, so I cannot donate my heart. I can only donate those organs which will not cause loss… loss to my life, and I should not do it for economical reasons, point number 2 and 3rd it should save the life. This is the consensus of Ulemas of the conference which took place in Malaysia, in Riyadh, in Jeddah, in India. In India, the Ulemas were reluctant but now if you ask the Fiqh Academy of India, even they say it should not be done – but if it is used to saving the life as a last resort, you can give your organ as a dona­tion. "
    The Holy Quran as you can see us not "against" organ donation.It gives the three important criteria for donation to be permissible.
    Islam is a religion of peace and practicality.Whoever is a good , practicung Muslim is a good human by default .

    Coming to the case of Kirmani, he uttered the following words.
    "I am an emotional and sentimental person. I was so touched with Rajan's initiative that I pledged to donate my eyes. However, I might not be able to honour my commitment due to some religious values. And not everyone in India honours their pledge. But it shouldn't deter others in coming forward to donate their eyes,"

    The mistake he did was he spoke before he thought about the consequences of organ donation.
    He should definitely not have brought" religion" into the picture because Islam does not prohibit organ donation.
    He should also not have generalized" everyone" not holding their pledge because many do hold theirs till death.
    He is one more example of a celebrity case coming to the forefront and tainting religion due to folly, insufficient knowledge and unwanted media attention.
    Retacting on his statement was his personal choice. But since he is a public figure , we are bringing it all in the limelight and flinging humanity, religion and the like for no reason.
    With utmost respect to him and to all of the concerned Indians, he is human.he can also err.
    It is the media which highlights unimportant issue and celebrity statements to mislead the public.
    Do you think you would not donate your organ to your loved one if required today? Or would organ donation stop because Kirmani retracted in his choice in public.
    I don't think he has harmed the organ donation movement in India.
    Good Muslims are good humans.Let us all live in peace and not fight over personal opinions.

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    Without bringing religious angle, I would state that this act of a respected former cricketer (Kirmani) has definitely harmed the organ donation movement in India. He should not have pledged to donate the organ (eyes) if he had even an iota of reservation.
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    True, that because he is celebrity the issue might looked with microscope. But again, a celebrity must think before he/she utter anything which is very-very sensitive. When a celebrity talks or does an act, it does not become his/her personal, a celebrity must know about it. Now he can be given as an example for getting it back the organ which he donated and many may do the same after seeing him. After all you are donating it to some organisation and not your own relatives in this case.

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    Organ donation is a matter of personal choice, nobody can influence or force one to sign for it. If you speak to doctors involved in organ donation you would find that this is not new.
    A family would initially give consent for organ donation and then some other relative would come and withdraw consent. Some individuals sign up for organ donation based on what the hear and the other motivating quotes, videos or statistics only to later on realize that they cannot do it.
    Here being a celebrity and a respected cricketer, he should have considered before committing or at least said, I'll decide and inform the media about it. Unfortunately he has said yes and then backtracked. People would soon forget it and most would not hold him to fault as they would accept that it was a decision taken and now it looks like a momentary lapse that has led to this confusion.

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