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    How and where to declare the source of images posted in an article

    I need to know where I should post the credits of the images that I attach in my articles. Up until now, I had been leaving a message about the image being self-clicked, in the 'description' box. I just realised what a waste of SEO opportunity this practice has been.

    Most of the images that I attach to my articles are self-clicked or self-sourced. They do not infringe on anyone's copyright. How do I get this message across to the editors in the resource section?

    I am aware that I can place a watermark on the images, but I also find it quite a cumbersome process. What is a simple way to deal with this issue?
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    You do not need to explain that the image is self clicked. In most cases, it will be obvious that you own the photo. Only when there is a doubt, editors will ask you about the source. In such cases, there is an option "Message to Editors" which will do the purpose.

    How do you say it is a waste of SEO opportunity?

    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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