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    How do you select best rice for the family among the scores of varieties displayed in shop ?

    Purchasing the rice is the great task for every family as they have to select such rice variety which must be acceptable to all in the family with its great taste, quantity and above all the rice should not have any smell after cooked. In a exclusive rice stores the shop owner would keep new rice, steamed rice, regular rice and premium rice which were stored in the godown for more years. Please note that , if you store the rice for more period, the yield of cooked rice would be more and also very tasty. How do you select the rice variety for your family ?
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    This is just from the habit and tradition in which we are brought in. We select that variety with which we are familiar. However when we go to a new place and if the one which we were habituated is not available, we settle for some particular one after a few trail and error.
    Our selection is based on the optimum from a few basic parameters like affordability, availability, taste, cleanliness and hygienic,fuel consumption, ease of cooking, quantum relation of raw to cooked product, shelf life etc.
    We may have also a choice of a couple of varieties depending on the purpose-whether for making sweets and savouries of meals, purposes as in festivals or rituals and offerings etc.

    Even though we are habituated and comfortable with red thick Kerala rice, while in Mumbai we were also using the raw rice popular in that area, the 'ukada' varieties etc.Later on even there we used to get the Kerala rice.

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    I generally don' hate any rice varieties. Even I like the rice supplied by the government through ration shops. The free rice issued by the government-controlled ration shops are very tasty, especially, when I want to have fish curry, it fits me. However, few of my family members prefer to eat a different variety of rice bought from the market. They range from Rs. 35 to 75. I always prefer to have Maan Mark(Deer Mark) rice which costs Rs. 58 per kg.

    It will be nice to discuss about rice at ISC.

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    Being a Keralite, we normally get the red rice. There are various brands available and sometimes we won't get our usual brand. However if we find a particular brand to be good, it is better to stick on to it.
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    I have no idea about rice varieties and rice brands. Till I was in India, my parent in laws has their own choice of variety. After coming US, I am supposed to choose rice varieties for our need.. I know only two major rice varieties that are raw rice and parboiled rice. Since I have kids who are below 3 years, I always go for parboiled. I am not restricted to any brand. Also, I buy 20lbs i.e., around 10 kgs of rice only. It will last only for 30 to 40 days, as rice is our primary food, we consume it everyday. So, if I don't like that brand, I will go for the otheir in next month.

    I would recommend the same for others too. Buy rice in smaller quantity till you find the one suitable for you. Then you can go for purchasing for a year.

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    Chitra I am more interested to know about that red rice. Could you please share details on that and also image of that red rice ?
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    These days many people started eating brown rice. Brown rice is less polished and will have a coating of rice bran. It will not be completely free from bran. Only a part of this will go and a part will remain. This gives some good value to the food. Otherwise, rice is 100% carbohydrate only. But the taste is different for this brown rice. Now in the market, there are three varieties of rice. The first one is polished rice. the second one is semi-polished rice and the third one is brown rice. In our family, we prefer semi-polished rice. We eat semi-polished rice only. As the rice is stored for a longer time it will lose moisture and becomes compact and denser. These rice require more water for cooking and the weight of rice required will be less when compared to the new rice. Old rice is always good for health and will get easily digested.
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    The so-called red rice is nothing but brown rice. In Tamil we call it Samba boiled rice. It is very tasty. Especially the water remains after cooking the rice. The size of the rice is little big. It is good to soak the cooked rice for a night and eat it on the next day with curd and pickle or coconut chutney.

    This is what made the Tamil film song in Muthalvan 'Uppu Karuvaadu, Oora vachcha soaru"

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    Really it is a task and real experience is required to select or buy the rice. One day I went to the rice shop with my wife where we used to buy rice for our family. I noticed the price and type of the rice when I go to the shop with my wife. Next time I told my wife not to come to the shop for mere rice and I assure her to fetch the same by me and bought accordingly also. But immediately on seeing the rice by hand, my wife told that it was not similar what we used to buy. I argued that the same what we used to buy. Immediately she took me to the shop with the rice and showed the usual rice what we buy. I was shocked that the shop persons changed the baggage to other place as I identified the rice by the place. The shop person also gave good hint to her that I was not asked him anything but merely asked to pack five kilos from this bag. I got a good bulb from her and accepted my failure.

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