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    What will be your reaction on seeing lots of money on your hand ?

    Those who are government servants and salaried class employees of even private companies wont see the hefty pay packet as most of their salaries are transferred to respective bank accounts. Though many drawn good amount of salary, but actual cash seen personally or drawn would be less and for that limit which is needed. But when you are disposing a property say plot or house, the proceeds of sales would be paid in lump sum and in that case what would be your reaction to see so much money on your hand ?
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    I don't deal in black money. So, even in case of sell of property (God forbid!), I would insist to send the amount in my bank. If I get large cash, my first reaction would be to deposit the money in my account as early as possible.
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    I have noted on many contexts that I am scared of big money. Having brought up in a situation where the financial status was of a lower middle class family of those days, I had handled only very small amount at any time during those times. Just a few tenners at the maximum. It was only after getting job that I got to see hundred a few hundred rupee notes together.

    It was after getting a bank job that I used to see lot of money. I was actually praying God that never ever should I be tempted. I had treated them as if I am dealing in just pieces of paper, without any attachment to them and doing my job in a matter-or-fact way.

    Since salary was given through bank account I got habituated and the system thus got imprinted in me that even a rupee is routed through account.

    So all my income is through bank account and the cash needed to pay for daily needs or other utilities is drawn from bank or taken from regular hand savings from the expenses. You may wonder if I say I do not take lottery tickets, because I feel scared in case I get a windfall from lottery. I am comfortable only with my regular salary/pension and the accumulated savings , controlling expenses since early days itself.

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    To see a huge sum of money... My first reaction would be being nervous. Yes but if I got it by fair means than nothing to worry. I'll go and deposit in the bank. I am sure more than me the bank people will be happy to see my account On the other hand if I won a huge sum from a lottery, I would go for a shopping spree and buy all expensive and luxurious things and go on a world tour. All that sounds dreamy. But, yes today all transactions take place through cards and we keep very little money in our purses for the daily expenses. So we do not see huge sums of money on on the salary day as it is credited into banks.

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    Nowadays all deals are generally in white money and the proceeds whether cash or cheque will eventually go to bank. In such a situation I do not think there will be any fear or excitement.

    The value of money has already eroded a lot and the purchasing power is going down day by day. If you want to purchase some branded item you have to shell out a good amount and if you are after luxury items even a good chunk of money will go like that. If you want to purchase a good house in a posh colony with that money it may fall short.

    So yes, at the first instance I may be happy but on thinking as per above pattern I will be back to my normal mood.

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    As I am working in the finance department of a firm, I have seen lot of money even though not mine. But if it is my personal money, I wouldn't be comfortable keeping it in hand and would deposit it immediately.
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    These days all real estate deals are also through bank only. Any Income tax assessee should not accept anything more than a lakh in cash and should not give in cash. So even we sell or purchase all the amount should go through banks only. So there is no chance for supporting black money. We should not keep heavy amounts of cash in the houses also for which we can't explain the source of income.
    There was a joke during my childhood days. A boy born in the family. They made the horoscope of the boy and shown to an astrologer to tell the facts about the boy's future. He studied and informed the house members that Crores of rupees will be always in his hands. The family members were very happy thinking that the boy will become crorepathi. Later the boy has joined a bank as a cashier. That is how the astrology is proved to be right.

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    I don't get lured or attracted by any money in hand. I will have the same feeling as I have for the money I have in my bank account. However, my first reaction will be a worry as to how to carry the cash to home or bank safely in this world where criminals roam around to snatch the money from our packet or purse or bag.

    A real-life event to remember:
    Someone said that growing a money plant would fetch us lot of wealth.
    I saw a big money plant in Dena Bank of Kochi.
    With a greedy thought to have some crore in my bank account,
    I plucked a branch secretly and brought it home.
    I nurtured the plant like a child.
    It grew well and spread around my balcony.
    Alas! I did not become rich and my bank balance remained in four figures only.
    I got transfered, and could not carry the plant to my next station.
    I searched for a money plant in my new station.
    Alas! I could not see any money plant again.
    I am still poor but not very poor.

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    Mere possessing huge money in the hand makes one nothing to do unless otherwise he have the fate to enjoy that. This is my point. As I have faced such situations many times. In evening when I went to collect medicines for my wife, I used to take two buses to reach my home from the clinic. As it would take time to reach my home I plan to take some tiffin in the hotel at the bus changing point. But when I got down from the first bus the second bus, I saw just ready to move, I just run and catch the bus as it would take another one hour for next bus. Though I possess enough money in my packet, I could not eat tiffin.

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