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    If you cant stand up for the National Anthem, then why should I stand for you ?

    This has happened in real. Two friends had been to a movie after a long time and they want to enjoy the day with full fun and frolic. Before the start of the movie, the National anthem was played. When every one respected the anthem and stood up for two minutes, the other friend was sitting and not heeding to the request of his friend to respect the National anthem. Peeved over his erratic behaviour the real friend left the cinema hall and discarded his friendship for ever. Yes this is the right way to get rid of wrong friends.
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    This is just for information - The length of the Indian National Anthem is about 52 seconds. While honouring the National Anthem one must ensure that this little fact about its sanctity is also maintained.


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    Juana your response is good but edit the timing as 52 seconds and not minutes.
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    Edited time from minutes to seconds. Thank you for pointing out the error.
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    It is the responsibility of an Indian Citizen to respect the National Anthem. It is a must to stand up when this Anthem is being played. The duration may be less than a minute. Why people can't stand up for such a short time. Actually, everybody should come to attention mode and sing the Anthem along by saluting the Flag. But standing up when it is played is the minimum respect we should give it to the flag and Anthem. We should appreciate the person who chooses to get out of the friendship of a person who never cared to respect the National Anthem. The people should understand how to show our respect and how to be loyal to the country. All my appreciations to the person.
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    Nowadays our people hesitate to do the things which makes them to strain a bit. Everybody wants spoon feeding. One day if the power went off everybody in the house got panic, as one cannot watch television, one cannot charge mobile, one cannot grind in the mixie etc., So, everybody got practiced by living like that. People,likewise,in cinema hall they rush inside in the last minute to avoid the newsreel or advertisement and rush out before the screening of 'The End". In the middle if the government or theaterwallah makes them disturbed means they got annoyed. By honouring such people the courts themselves gave lenience from screening the National Anthem means we have appreciate the PATRIOTISM of our country as it slowly got buried.

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    The length or duration of our National anthem is 52 seconds. There is also a shortest version of our National Anthem which is only for 20 seconds. Government can consider playing of the shortest version in cinema halls for the audience to stand for a while(20 seconds only).
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