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    This is real women empowerment as Matunga station has all 41 women staff and no men

    Time and again we come across the politicians and leaders talking about women empowerment and the need to give due importance to women in all fields but we seldom find it. But at Matunga Railway station in Central Railway, the department has managed to retain only women staff for all the needs and no men. There are totally 41 staff, right from the station head to the safai karamcharis, all of them are women. Nice to have such kind of positive steps from at least one department from the government.
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    It is a good step toward women empowerment which should be appriciated as done by the author in the thread but that does not mean it is all we required. There are many things too do i.e, there are miles to go before we sleep. We need women empowerment at the very basic level i.e, our villages where there is no literacy, no awareness and health facilities for women many villages have done exceptionally well in this field but we need to have this progress in all the villages of country than only we can say yes we have achieved true women empowerment.
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    It is good to note that a railway station in Central Railway is completely managed by women and all the 41 employees there are women employees. It a good development and it is proved beyond doubt that Women can do the work more efficiently than Men. Very good development. These days females are there in all working areas. In Hyderabad, many Fuel filling stations are managed by ladies only. I have seen lady auto drivers. The first Metro driver in Hyderabad is a female only. Even in hotels and restaurants, we are finding ladies in different positions. It is really a welcome way. Females are showing their power in all the fields. They are not leaving any profession. That is good.
    The government is talking about women empowerment, I think slowly we are achieving the goal. In many areas, they are overtaking the gents and marching forward in the society.

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