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    Can you have a bath with cold water in winters?

    There is one of my friend who has bath with cold water no matter how extreme the cold water because her grandmother once told her to have a bath with cold water till the time she could so she kind of took it as a challenge. She enjoys this cold weather and cold water which can cause you to tremble.
    No matter how extreme the cold is she uses cold water even if its snowfall outside. And I don't know maybe it is the reason or something else but her skin always glows.
    Is it a good habit?
    can you implement this habit in your life also?
    Does it have anything to do with glowing skin?
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    If the body can accept the cold water, no matter how extreme it is , nothing wrong to have bath in cold water. My younger brother used for that and he wont use hot water at any time for bathing. If the body is having heat properties from inside, people wont feel the cold at all. Probably those people are having the habit of bathing in cold water. I have seen that that those who bath with cold water and remain bare body even during extreme cold conditions, they wont get any ill health nor effected by running nose or fever. Those are habituated to such living from childhood are the winners.
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    I can have cold water bath in a very strong cold area also. I had cold water bath in Ooty. But in my house generally, we use hot water only for the bath. But even hot water is not available I can manage with cold water. The first one or two mugs of water may give you some problem. Then onwards the body will get adjusted to the temperature and you don't find any big problem in cold water bath. Another habit I have is I use blanket very rarely to cover my body during nights. I can't have good sleep if there is a bedsheet on my body. I want more air circulation while sleeping. But my father never uses cold water or normal water for the bath. He wants only hot water even on very high-temperature days also. This depends on the way how you tuned your body from the beginning. In fact, the cold water bath is very good for the body to retain softness and glow.
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    There are certain people who does not care about the climate to take cold water bath. I used to take hot water only to have a bath. But at some situations, where there is compulsion or no other alternative, I used to take ordinary water bath. However my doctor advised me to use hot water for both bath and drink due to my health conditions.

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    I am from India's extreme south of Tamilnadu and not severely affected by the cold. Generally we have cold water bath in summer. But in winter, we like to have the hot water bath. What is required is - the water should be little warm, not extremely hot which is dangerous to body cells. It is true that continuous cold water bath helps to have a glowing skin. However, it is better to apply little coconut or gingelly oil on our body before the hot water bath. Oil helps to have a glowing skin.
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    Winters in Hyderabad reaches 13-15C.
    That is nothing compared to winters in far north.
    Well, in these winters I bath in cold water twice a day.
    Only the first plunge is trembling, from the second dip after you wouldn't even know the difference.

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