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    What you do at first when you look into the mirror?

    Mirror- an object which is coated with amalgam to have a clear image of anything. It is an impartable thing of our current lifestyle. Most of us have a habit of looking into the mirror when are going out of the house, when someone is coming to our house, when we are preparing to meet someone and many more such instances. We cannot live without a mirror and if we do not find mirror around us, we use our mobile to have a look of self.
    Please do not link this thread with any gender as nowadays there is an equal addiction in both the genders.
    So the question is, What do you do at first when you look into the mirror? In my case, I love to give a smile at first. I like to see myself smiling and even I have observed the same habit among others also.
    Why we like seeing ourselves smiling?
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    Immediately after seeing my face in the mirror I observe my hair. If it is not in order, I will comb it and see that it is in order. If I don't find KumKum on my face. immediately I take out the bottle and apply KumKum on my forehead.
    Then I will go for other things. This is my habit since my childhood. Wherever I travel I keep my KumKum bottle in my kit.

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    I used to see mirror to have chandan and kumkum only. As my hair is less I just comb generally. But I am astonishing to see many people before mirror spending more time. Even in hotels also they comb their hairs by seeing the mirror hanged above the washbasin. One day I went to a nearby temple with the daughter of my brother who is a small baby of eight years old. On getting Kumkum prasada and flower from the priest, she just moved I asked her to keep the kumkum on the forehead and keep the flower on the hairs. She nodded her head and gone nearby mirror which was affixed in the almirah and by seeing the mirror she put the kumkum and flower. Not only I but the surrounding persons were astonished by her action.

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    Since mirror is the face defining thing as it is , we must smile as soon as we spot our own face. Elders say that when you see your own face on the mirror with a smiling attitude , that day would be good for you. Ladies would see the mirror to set right their hair and hair style. For me I shall look into my face and take decision whether to shave for the day or not. And when you travel long distance with the helmet on and on reaching the destination there is a necessity to comb the shabby hair. Mirrors are available on the two wheeler. Most of the road side people also have a set of their air through the bike mirrors.
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    When I look into the mirror, I first see my nose, how it is looking. It might sound weird, but I really do that. Then I notice my face and its overall look. Normally when I sleep a lot, one thing to note is the face looks a little bigger. Because we have taken up ample rest by then.
    Then I notice my eyes if I need to put in some more eye drops or just to see if my eyelashes have not fallen on the cheeks. Because they sometimes get into the mouth by mistake, that is so irritating.

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    I look in the mirror to ensure I don't look ugly and filthy with uncombed hair and unclean face. As I get up from the bed, I look at my palms first, and then go to the mirror to have a good look at my face and body. While looking into the mirror, I don't think anything.
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