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    Anand Kumar- The Mathematics Teacher.

    Discovery Channel aired a one hour program about this man.
    An article is published about him in Newyork times.BBC made him participate in its programs many times. Many Countries published about him in many journals.
    He got a seat in IIT. His parents pressurised him to join. He left IIT seat and completed his M.Sc in Mathematics. He got a seat at Cambridge University. Because of the paucity of funds he had to forgo that chance. He started taking tuitions in Mathematics for just Rs.25/- per month. Then he started IIT coaching just for Rs,4000/-. He refused the offer for crores of rupees from corporate colleges. He started coaching full time to IIT coaching free of cost for 30 candidates a year, by conducting his own entrance test. This facility is giving only to poor people. Many people tried to pretend as poor to get a seat there. In the first 8 years, he trained 240 candidates. 212 candidates obtained IIT seats. Many politicians threatened him for seats to their wards and offered crores of rupees. But never yielded.
    He is Mr.Anand Kumar from Patna, Bihar. Without any selfish motto, he is training many poor students for their progress. We should appreciate this great mathematician for his service to poor.
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    Great to know about him. In the initial stage, people may be strict but they would yield to pressure due to compulsions. That's what happened in IIT Ramaiah's institute in Hyderabad. But Anandkumar maintained his stand and his success rate is quite high. He is a true example to believe that people are still there to follow their path with ethics and morality.

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