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    Sometimes television serials also good

    Serials watchers are commented badly by many. But sometimes the serials also give good information. In one Tamil serial hero receives an usb from the villain and as the family members want to see the content of the usb they use one adoptor for watching the usb matter through the mobile of the hero. Accordingly they also watched. This is a new information to me and on checking I came to know the availability of OTG adoptor and its usages. It is really good information. But the atrocities of villain and house persons having villainy thoughts are not able to digest.
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    While once in a blue moon the serials do convey good information, invariably I have seen that the sit com coming in Sun tv is of worst stuff having more than two husband ,two wives story line. And most of the tricks as to how to deceive others are shown very freely. Sometimes I feel that absense of Censor board for the serials making them to shows filthy stuff not acceptable to respected society. That is the reason being so we have stopped watching Sun tv and other serials. It is better to watch the Epic channel or the discovery channel for information and enrichment of knowledge.
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    The serials are not at all worth watching. You may be getting a good information very rarely. There are many other ways to get this information than watching serials. Many of the serials are spoiling the people especially ladies and retired people spend more time on these serials. I feel they are not worth. But there are some serials like Ramayan and Mahabarath which can be watched. Mainly we should not see TV serials based social content and family issues. These serials seed negative thoughts in the minds of people which will work as slow poison and kill the people. There are many issues which are not worth discussing here. So I feel except some mythological serials based on some history or epics, we should not opt for watching and we should save ourselves from the evils of these serials that will be created in our minds.
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    Normally serials have the usual boring and non-sense stuff, it is very rare to get some technically useful information.
    But I am always surprised to see the way these daily soaps are created. The people who are acting in it, they try to mesmerize the viewers in such a way, that people will stop for a minute in between or if you have watched two or three episodes of a serial, you might like a part of it, and ask the other person, "Dude, what next happened in that serial, that part was really going interesting." You tend to develop the interest in it.
    I must say these serial makers know the tactics of making these daily soaps, that they are fully aware of the type of masalas that they need to add, to attract the audience.

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    With so many channels on the television ,serials are the most popular to watch and the TRP depends on the the viewership. Few years back serials were a craze, I would wait for a particular serial to be aired and finish my work before it was aired. To remember a few were Ramayana, Tamas and Dekh bhai dekh were quite interesting and kept us glued to the television.
    Today the serials are disasters.. They have as negative impact on the people .All serials revolve around a mother in law, a Daughter/daughter in law, or a villain and all are glamorous people who wear expensive clothes and jewelry all the 24 hours. There is no end to these serials, they keep on and on with incidents one after the other. These serials should be stopped and some sensible programmes should be aired. Frequent and lengthy advertisements too worsen the viewers interest.

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