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    Given respect to others wont get wasted

    Many people do not say hello or good morning to subordinates or to the persons level below them. But famous author A.G.Gardner mentioned in one of his article that even a lift man should to be told with 'sir'.

    I read in whatsup a story about the love.

    A meatcutter in a big factory went to the store room to keep the stored items alright. As it took hours he forget the closure time of factory neared. On trying to get out of the store room, he could not opened as it was locked outside without noticing him inside. He shouted and shouted but went on vein as the store room was completed closed as it was fully air-conditioned with cold storage. With fear he continuously shouting and praying his God for help. Suddenly the door was opened and a watchman entered. On seeing the watchman he almost cried and came out. He asked how he could noticed his held-up. He, the watchman, simply told,'sir, usually you tell 'good morning' to me when you came in and tell 'good-bye' when you go out. Today morning you told me good morning by evening I could not see you. On that suspicion I came inside searching you and finally I saw you in the store room.
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    Wow what a nice story. Some times we never think that by doing routine exchange of pleasantries, we do get noticed and remembered by others and this example is the testimony for that. One of my friend who is the marketing person used to visit shops for general items order and he has to make compulsory visit to every shop of his designated area , otherwise the shop keeper would complain to the company. Once he had been to shop and the shop owner was not there. My friend saw the camera and wished the shop owner with the hai sign that he has visited his shop in his absence. Immediately he called the person and gave order as the video has been seen by him.
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    It is really that in any department group IV employees are not respected by higher authorities. They use abused words sometimes against such people. Your story in WhatsApp will be lesson to such people. One example that I would like to tell is a person who is very thirsty while a poor woman has water in glass to drink then what is thought process going on in his mind. If that is coming to practice, then he won't think about whether she is poor or not. At that time he has to drink water for his thirsty. Necessity makes any person to do anything to cross anonymous limits.

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    Respecting all others as our fellow human beings is always a good character. By virtue of your education, you might have become an officer. But the person because of his personal financial position and other reason s might not have got the required education to become an officer. But he is also a human being like you.So for greeting others we need not think of their status and position.That is always a good gesture. I used to attend the marriages of the sons and daughters of our company workmen without fail. I may be missing functions in the houses of senior officers but I never missed any function in the worker's house. We will be giving them a signal that we are only boss and subordinate relation in the office only. Once we are out we are all equal. The same attitude helped the person in getting rescued from the nightmare.
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    Even some years ago, I used to believe this statement. But with the passage of time, my view in this regard has been changing. Nowadays I notice that if we show respect to a person who doesn't deserve respect, he starts thinking that he is a great man and such person starts creating problem for others due to his own misconception.

    So, we must show respect only to those who deserve respect.

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    It is a good story to believe, but not fit in our practical life. At times, respects don't pay the dividends. As rightly said by Partha, we must show respect only to those who deserve respect.

    Will a taxi/auto driver reduce the fare ( running without a meter)if we call him Sir or uncle?

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    I am generally polite and courteous. I have felt that that is not at all bad and also beneficial. Howsoever the story has more messages also.
    I can quote a real event. It is about one of my relative who was a retiree, not having much friends or relatives at his place as he was not good at socialising. But after retirement he used to spend evening tie in a nearby temple with a few similar retirees. They used to take turn every day to ring the giant bell in the temple for Aarati.

    This man fell ill and had to be hospitalised in the nearby city. There was just his wife and daughter at hospital with him , and we used to visit him/them on alternate days as we were staying at a different place.. No one in neighbourhood knew that he was in hospital. However after a week, those few in the temple felt some doubt because he was not at the temple for ringing bell on his 'duty' days. Then they enquired and at last knew that he was in hospital.

    So one should take care to have regular proper humane interaction with neighbours and local people and also with colleagues in workplace-irrespective of rank and status.

    In our daily life we get varied experiences and sometimes even I have my own (though very less) experiences which makes me partly agree with Partha's view. I had seen that certain people exploit our politeness and humane nature ,but stay under control and obedisance with others who ride over them.

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    A very good story but this does not happen in practical life. People would not help so easily. Although there are some very good people on this earth, those are also very few in number.
    In a practical sense, people are more reserved to talk. However its a very good habit to greet everyone we meet. It shows our politeness towards them and our niceness.
    But greetings are also limited, and interaction is much lesser. So, we should be good with everyone we meet.

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    Most of us want to be polite and respectful but a lot depends on whether the person opposite us deserves it or not. It is not about hierarchy or age or money, it is about good human values. Our teachers, friends, colleagues, supervisors, neighbors and people with whom we interact in our daily lives all need to be respected. But that respect should not be perceived as a sign of weakness or even worse should not be a target to be exploited. I generally wish junior staff or office boys or security if there are polite and mature enough to understand, if they are not, I just limit myself to professional discussions. I've known a few people who are very polite and well mannered being emotionally blackmailed often for a loan of money or gifts by the lower grade employees or housekeeping teams. This is nothing but exploitation of the good nature of a person who could have just turned a blind eye to these people.

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