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    Flying tricycles soon in India.

    An announcement has been made by our central minister of state Mr.Jayant Sinha in his address at a conference held at Jamshedpur. These tricycles will work on drone's technology and it will be s solution for our traffic problems in major cities and other cities. The expenditure for this sky travel may be almost same as that of Autos. He mentioned.Already these vehicles are in use in Germany and UAE. In the same way, their government wants to bring these vehicles to our country also. It is good to note and may be a good solution for road traffic problems. I don't about the pollution problem and accidents in the air with these vehicles.
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    Wow after reading this post my thoughts ran in to the Pathergatti and Charminar area of old city and what will be the situation if such tricycles are made to fly over the busy shopping area. We all know old city is congested with thinner roads, lanes and by lanes and above all , the cable wires, current wires dangle on the roads just touching the passerby. If the tricycles are going to be reality then operating them in old city would be not possible and risky and we Hyderabadis are known for rough driving and thus the tricycles meet with accidents on the top and fell on the passerby heads.
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    Are they in use already? Wow. But I don't really think they have started it commercially .
    If they did, then all the countries will be doing the same.
    What kind of fuels these be using?
    The fuel should be a common one and not 'white fuel' because if the travel is like that of an auto, the vehicle must be going to different places, and if the travel is similar to that of a train, it can be refilled at the station.
    But it being a flying tricycle, I think it is more of a private transport than public.I.e..; the people can book it to a destination of their desire.
    Then in reality we must be facing parking issues, landing issues, technical difficulties,etc ;

    Then thinking that such vehicles would be available at the price of an auto become absurd.
    But another thought struck my mind, the thought of 'share autos' in India. Which means that the tricycle will be going from one station to another, picking up a seven or ten passengers from the starting point.

    Yet, the destinations must be made landing-friendly. Air traffic control to a certain degree is needed, to regulate the traffic at the ground level to clear the space for landing.

    There are way too many challenges for this to be true.

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