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    Lohri-Indian festival

    Lohri is also a festival of India. Which is basically celebrated by Punjabis or hindus. The festival celebrated on 13 jan of every year. Its celebrated for the welcome of longer days and sun's journey to the northern hemisphere by Sikhs(punjabis)and Hindus in the northern region of India. It also celebrated it to showing the happiness of harvesting of winter crops and a remembrance of lord sun, on Lohri through the Lohri songs we thanks to the god for giving us his sunlight.In punjabi's Yet another folklore song of Dulla Bhatti is quiet famous. Lohri is celebrated with a bonfire. The lighting of bonfire during this winter festival is an ancient tradition. Lohri festival celebrated with gurh and gachak, nuts etc which are harvested in crops.
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    Good that you have raised the important thread of Lohri festival at the apt time. In South also we have this festival with different name and that is called Bhogi. During the evening of that day, the old things which are no more of use are being consigned to flames as the next day is Sankranthi which signifies harvest festival for which every one would be attire with new clothes. That means Bhogi would be observed to get rid of all waste things thus accumulated over the year and Sankranthi is welcomed with new harvest and the sweet pongal is prepared with the first rice got in the season.
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    Generally, in South India, this festival is celebrated as Bhogi. This festival will be celebrated on one day before the Makara Sankranti. In Andhra Pradesh, this festival will be celebrated in a very grand way. On the day of Bhogi very early in the morning in the road junctions in all the villages and other places bonfire will be organised. The garlands made with dry cow dung cakes will be dropped into that fire by the children of that street in that bonfire. The crops will be coming home just before the festival and all the farmers will be happy and they will invite the daughters and sons in law to their house. The next day of Makara Sankranthi is called kanuma. This festival is known as an animal festival. The farmers will decorate their bullock carts and bullocks and will go around the streets in a procession and it will be very nice to observe.
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    India being an agricultural country has many harvest festivals.
    Different regions celebrate in different ways.
    But the harvest gods are of utmost importance .

    Thanks for sharing this information though.
    Lohri, being a Punjabi festival is very lovely and lively.

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    Nice thread on the importance of Lohri. This is a great festival of Punjabis. They welcome some new happy moments with it. I have heard of the Punjabi families they celebrate by moving around the lighted bonfire and continuously singing some amazing songs. It is a fun-filled occasion. People usually eat gajjaks, gorundnuts, rewri.
    In advance, Happy Lohri to everyone.

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    Lohri is a festival of Punjabis. This festival is basically to bid good-bye to winter. But during last five years or so, I have been noticing that winter comes back for another 15 days after Lohri. Most probably this is due to change of climate all over India.
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