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    Pets are the happiest creatures in this world

    Most of the people have their pets either a cat or a dog. Some people also have rabbits or fishes in the aquarium which they consider as their pet and love them.
    Dogs have been considered the most faithful pets. They will always love their owner, no matter how much they scold them, but at the end, they will always go to their owners first and shower their love with them wagging their tails.
    I don't have a pet, but some of my friends have and they so much love them. Pets need care as well, but they are the happiest creatures you can ever see. They are very loving. They care back for you. Just once you feed them, they will take care for you, love you and protect you in difficult times.
    For most of the people, dogs help them overcome their loneliness. Dogs are the best friends for humans. They will always love you and will never expect anything in return. They are truly the most amazing and loveliest species on this earth.
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    Yes for many pets have become part and parcel of their family members and they look after them with much care and affection and in reciprocation the pets also gives utmost attention to the members of the house. But what I invariably observed that those who does not have the children or fed up with their attitude, have reared the pets and live with them happily. Just opposite my house, the family had one daughter, but she deserted them and opted for love marriage and now the parents are left with no one to care. So they are rearing at least five to six dogs and the women would be busy talking with them always.
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    My friend. Any one who has a home and few loved ones is the happiest.
    No wonder these pets are happy. All they have to do is look cute and play. They don't know the realities of life.

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    It is true that dogs are very loyal to their bosses and love them more. For an animal food is all that they want. When somebody is feeding them and taking care of their hunger they will be really happy. They don't want any further luxuries in life. So they are very happy.
    But a human being is having many wishes and ambitions. They are not happy with what they got.They want furthermore. That is the reason why they shift their loyalties. In this respect, the animal is a better being than a human being. Today if you help a person he will be very grateful to you for some time. They may get another requirement and you may not be able to help them this time. They will forget the earlier help and feel that you have not helped them.

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    The happiness of the pets depends on the bonding with the owners and the care which they give. Some people look after their pets with love and provide everything. I have seen some people stuffing birds in a cage that has very little space, some who chain their dog to the light poles outside the home etc. So, most pets would be happy, some would be ill-treated or neglected.
    Pets are an easy option for loneliness, depression, and companionship apart from the true desire to have a pet. Have a pet is a responsibility and we should be able to look after them as humanely as possible. If pets become sick, they should not be abandoned but cared for. Yes, dogs, cats, birds form a unique bond with their human carers and are happy interacting with them.

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