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    Varied difference in opinions or Generation gap?

    There is a commonly used underlying term among us and our elders that we call "Generation gap". We, the children of the twenty-first century have been using it to define the difference between our thoughts and opinions from our elders. Our living styles also differ from our elders, and if they instruct us at any point and we cannot consider it, we call it a generation gap.
    Maybe this term will also be used when we will become grandfathers or grandmothers of our children. But what does this generation gap really defines? Is it the same what I just said or somewhat differs?

    Our values also slightly differ from what our elders have been following. We are less disciplined than our elders are. We are quite lazy people and do not listen to our parents. At their time, they used to be very active and did their work on time and always listened to their parents.
    But we are just not able to follow that. We lack the politeness still in us, but our elders have still imbibed it in them.
    In terms of relationships, we people are less interactive and are more of a homesick, while our elders have always taught us and have been maintaining healthy relations with the relatives and also the neighbors. We want to stay away from all this.
    In festival celebrations, some of us do not believe in rituals. But our elders have been whole-heartedly following it. Maybe it is all about the living style has changed all of us.
    What are your thoughts on this?
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    There is a saying that a house without the elders present is the waste place as there would be uncontrolled living, not following any rules and regulations of life, children would be having freedom of their own much to the annoy of the parents. All these are the result of without any elders presence in the house and their timely advise on any matter would go a long way in mending our ways now and then. Elders always had the attitude of helping nature not only to their children but also to others who approach them. That is the superior attitude which the younger generation wont know nor accept.
    K Mohan
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    The days are different. I will put it in a different way. When we are kids we don't have much exposure to the world. We don't know what is happening around the world. We are more like a frog in the well. Those days money is not there with many. If somebody is having a lakh of rupees people used to say he is rich. So everybody used to have a fear of making their life. Earning chances are less and employment potential is less.
    But these days the people are having no paucity of funds. The cheapest commodity in the society is the money. So nobody cares for money. They feel that thinkings will happen on its own. This is the main reason for their independent thinking and approach. There is no problem in this as long as they are not going out of human values and ethics.
    If you take our generation, I supported my father for bringing up our family and now I am supporting my children to help them in having a happy life. Naturally, my children have to support their next generation only. That will give a lot of variation in their thought process.

    always confident

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    A good observation, to me generation gap, is all that our parents find missing in us, the changes we see between us and our children. We would have heard our teachers or parents say that ' When we were of your age, we did that, we did this' etc. Similarly, we now tell our children, 'When we were your age, we used to listen to parents, we had no mobiles, we used to play real games with real friends.
    Generation gap includes the changing views, practices, and importance paid to a particular event, object or person over a period of time. Working mothers were initially frowned upon but now it is accepted widely. There was a time when we could touch food in the kitchen without having a bath, now on a holiday, some have breakfast, lunch and then have a bath. These are changes that look new but we get used to it.

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