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    Are you short tempered or your anger stays for long?

    Anger is a human trait which is not good for our health, but it occurs by nature. It is not in our control and it has to happen once in a while. Some people even piss their teeth in anger.
    While I think one should drink cold water when anger strikes them.

    Different people display their anger in a different way and they have a different way of holding it. Some people are short tempered and some people keep their anger for a long time like for a complete day.
    The short-tempered people will get angry very easily and will come out of that anger in almost an hour or even in less than 10 mins. I am amazed how some people so easily manage to get rid of their anger so fast.
    While people with whom the anger stays for a long time, they have continuous bad or angry thoughts going in their mind against the person with whom they are angry. Just because they are not able to accept the other person's mistake or whatsoever reasons. These things keep roaming in their mind, and they are not able to make up their mind to talk in a nice manner and feel helpless about this long existing angry behavior. They become normal by the next day.
    I am also a person whose anger stays for a complete day because I do not get angry easily. Once it happens, it stays and the day gets spoiled with full silence.

    But one thing to note, we should always try to avoid anger as much as we can, cause it harms only us. We should try and ignore little things. Anger is devastating, so better we should always maintain a distance from it.

    So what kind of anger do you have?
    Share your views on this.
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    Normally I am a sober person and also very patient to go through ordeals of life and also accommodate with others. But this attitude of mine is taken as my weakness and people try to play with me and that brings anger. Even that is controlled and a sober warning is issued to the opposite person to mend the ways and still he wont budge, then I get angered. What I feel that there are people around us who want to test our patience and does work against our wishes and thus makes fun out of it. By the way in this world one should be strict with all kinds of characters coming out now and then so that the world understands us better.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    No. I am a person who recovers quickly.
    I get angry when dysfunction happens, else I'm never angry.
    So, when I'm angry I start breaking or scratching stuff or I just sit down and write.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    I am a calm and quiet person. If I get annoyed or get angry, I won't exhibit outside. I keep it safely in my heart without any outburst. I have enough patience to forgive others. I love fun and lead the life in a funny way. I try to laugh during the sorrows. But one thing is sure, Once an enemy is always an enemy. I don't go for any patch up. I keep them at distance.
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    Most of the times I am able to contain my anger. Still there are occasions that I get this evil in my head and not able to get rid of it soon. I have tried some techniques but they do not work in every situation.

    One thing which I have recently learned is that when you get angry try to go for a long walk and think something else and by the time you are back a lot of it will be vaporized.

    I got good results with this therapy and others who get angry occasionally can also try this.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Before 35 years I was also a short tempered person. Though I was young then, I joined as a personnel officer as my second job after my graduation,in a big organisation with more than 400 employees. My Personnel manager, who was very senior to me in qualification and experience and who honoured my views many time,suggested (note that suggested and not ordered or corrected)to follow polite manners by leaving angry/short temperness as we are meeting daily many and different people including employees. I realized the stress in his words and follow the same till now.
    Yesterday when I travelled in the city bus, the conductor,on the angry with somebody gave me printed ticket for three persons (?.33)whereas I have paid only ?.11. Later while alighting i told this to the conductor by handing over the ticket back to him. His,the action of anger, makes a loss and this makes me to remember a Tamil saying, 'kobaththodu ezhubavan nashtaththodu amarvaan' which means, 'one will sit with loss if he raise with anger'.
    It is better to live without anger on anybody.

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    I am a very calm, sobre and logical person. Whenever there is an argument, I try to present my view logically. During my earlier days, at the time of 'physical argument', I used to hit the opponent at 'vulnerable points' and leave the place peacefully. I maintain this habit even now during verbal and online argument.

    I am a peaceful person. What do the Members of ISC think (about my nature)?

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    I will not get angry very easily. I have a lot of patience. I will not keep anything in my mind for long. Sometimes when I get angry and try to contain it myself it is telling upon my heath also. So I started practising meditation daily for some time. That is giving a very good effect on me. My patience is further increased. Sometimes if the issue is crossing my threshold I may shout back. But after that, I feel bad on that and try to analyse myself the reasons for my odd behaviour at that particular moment. This is helping me in controlling my anger. Sometimes I will not participate in discussions which are not to my satisfaction as they may lead me to an unwanted angry situation. I will withdraw myself if I feel the other person is in a different mode or mood.
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