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    Have you watched this movie?

    This movie was released in 2016. It was not a big-budget movie. The artists are not the top-level stars of film-dom except Anupam Kher. The director is Vivek Agnihotri, who is not considered amongvthe top-level commercial or art film directors of the country. The film did not witness any pre-release publicity stunt. There was no hoopla about the film.

    The critics never spoke very highly about the film. The story-line was not very impressive. Even then, the film generated and still generates lot of controversies. The liberal professors and students of JNU, New Delhi, Jadavpur University, Kolkata and some other universities of the country disrupted the show of the movie in their respective campuses.

    Why this show of intolerance by the tolerant liberals? Is this because the film has tried to explore the link among Indian students, Naxals, destructive politics and NGOs? Who knows?

    Members! Have you watched the movie "Buddha in a Traffic Jam''? What is your opinion about the film?
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    Sorry, I didn't see
    Being in the south, No chance to see the film,.
    Never heard the film title 'Buddha in a Traffic Jam".
    If I get a chance to see the movie, I would see and post my comments.
    You need to wait for long.

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    No, I have not seen the movie but heard about it and would like to watch it.

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    No, I have not seen the movie. But I overheard a discussion about this movie between my sons. I have not taken that much interest at that time. After seeing your post I am thinking of watching the movie. I will ask my sons whether this movie is available on the internet.
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    Yes, Dr. Rao. The movie is available on Youtube.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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