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    " Great things come from small beginnings."

    People, some but not all, have ideas and goals to do something big. The small incremental steps towards a bigger goal always result in success. One cannot hop and reach the goal instantaneously. We have many examples of Indians who made it very big with small beginnings. I am just mentioning a very few like Dhirubhai Ambani, Karsanbhai Patel, Narayana Murthy, Jyothi Reddy etc.,
    There are many industrialists who started small and became big business enterprises. One thing common to all is the small beginnings they made. Never neglect the small incremental steps to achieve your goals and success in any field you like.
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    It is very true that one can not leap ahead fast in the race for success. It comes in ones lap slowly and gradually. There is a saying that - slowly and steadily wins the race.

    The journey of life is full of challenges and obstacles. One has to face them boldly and with determination and hard work chalk out the route to success. Success is not always proportional to the efforts done. Sometimes there are severe setbacks and one has to start afresh.

    So whatever be the situation one should not quit the game. It is the continuous process of action and efforts that ultimately leads a person to his objectives.

    Knowledge is power.

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    This is true and believed as correct by seeing the lives of present big and famous cine artists. Kamalhasan did a small role in 'kalaththur kannamma' and now he is a leading artist. By seeing the inthe history of famous cine artists, they were given very small roles.

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    It is always correct. A small but steady move always preferable than a big leap. You will definitely have more control on the happenings and you can mould the issues as you like and favourable to you. This is similar to analysing problem sequentially. When you have a problem to solve you will solve it step by step. Same is the case with this also.
    You have to climb the ladder step by step but not by skipping steps. It is a well-known fact that slow and steady wins the race. In Organic chemistry, the reaction will be shown in one equation. But when you want to know how it is happening the mechanism will be understood only by step by step reaction only. All these steps put together is finally making the reaction to happen.

    always confident

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