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    How many of you follow this

    Today I went to local library with my brother. It is the practice in that library as visitors should leave their chepals outside. Accordingly we did, but found many, not many,all visitors left their chepals haphazardly here and there. Two of them left as if thrown. We told ourselves about this irregularity among our people. We left our chapels in the wall side as a row horizontally. How many you leave your chapels in such places in an orderly way?
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    It is my practice to leave my chappals in an orderly manner even in our house also. As soon as I go back to my house from the office I will remove my shoes and keep them on the shoe rack and then only enter the house. The same when I go to a temple or any other place where we have to leave our chappals outside I keep my footwear in an orderly way only. I will ask my people also to follow a system so that you can teach the others how to keep the chappals outside when you are entering inside.
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