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    Have you noticed one rupee notes are again in circulation at present?

    We know one, five and two rupee notes were discontinued since 1995 and all these denominations were in circulation in coin form now. But recently I got a new one rupee note printed in 2017 from some one which he got from bank. So government is again introduced one rupee note which is almost similar to old one rupee note. At present one rupee note is not much value and even autowalas if they don't have change they don't bothered about losing that rupee
    Why RBI introduced this one rupee note again? Actually I don't aware along with one and two rupee notes, 5 rupee notes were are not in circulation. Rarely one or two times I received 5 rupee note in City buses. What about your perception regarding the introduction of one rupee notes.
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    I have a bundle of recently printed one rupee note with me. They are a little smaller in size when compared to the old one rupee notes. Similarly yesterday I have seen a two rupees note very recently printed. This is also a little smaller in size than the old notes. Probably making coins may be costly than printing notes. So the governemnt may be thinking to stop making coins and trying to bring paper notes. But it is true that these days one rupee is of no use. One rupee will not even sufficient to have a tea on the road. If you give one rupee note to a beggar he is showing his unhappiness on our donation. So they can discontinue. But they may be helpful for getting changes. if you purchase an item worth six rupees and offer ten rupees to the vendor he has to give 4 rupees back to you. In such transactions only we may be using these fewer value rupees or notes.
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    It is better to have currency notes for small denomination like one, two and five rupees. It will be easy to carry. But govt should ensure to have strong plastic notes which can withstand wear and tear.
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    May be to avoid small change and coins problem, the government must have reintroduced the one rupee note again in circulation. I have not seen so far.
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    Yes, RBI has re-introduced one rupee and two rupee notes very recently. Also new 10 Rupee and 50 Rupee notes were released. But certain Whats App messages are on rounds about introduction high value currency notes but don't how far they are reliable.

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    I have heard that RBI has re-introduced Re. 1/- note. But I am yet to catch hold of any new Re 1/- note. I am eagerly waiting to see it. In fact, I saw the new Rs. 50/- note last week only.
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    In general terms, the life of a currency note is less than the coin. Moreover, present-day coins are like steel coins and smaller in size and do not have an intrinsic value. I think the cost of making the coins would be cheaper compared to the production of the paper currency. So, I think, we can stay on with the coins ( the only drawback would be the weight and noise in the pockets). Paper or Plastic currency notes can be reserved for higher denominations. The importance or the relevance of the Rs 1,2 and 5 rupees is for the lower socio-economic class, wherein every 1 or 2 rupees makes the difference. Most of us ignore small change 1-5 rupees while traveling in a cab or an auto or get a chocolate from the shop instead of actual change. This practice can't be afforded by poor people and daily wage laborers. Hence for them, it would be a welcome arrival.

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