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    Is Consumer apathy more dangerous that Official apathy?

    Recently we had the pub fire tragedy in Mumbai, where around 14 people lost their lives, similarly every month we hear about members of the public, common people who lose their lives due to the mistakes or misconduct of the official machinery, the very people who should be safe- guarding us.

    School buses driven by drunken drivers leading to accidents, potholes leading to mishaps and loss of life and deaths due to failure to maintain and implement safety measures. On paper there are many rules and regulations but in practice they are often not implmented.

    If the above Official apathy is well known, we, as consumers are also responsible too. How many of us ask question such irregularities, do we question these pubs about safety measures, do we question the TTR about the safety of tracks before train journey, do we question the owners of high raise apartments are there adequate safety measures, do we question or complain about drunken drivers. Most of the times, the answer would be no for various reasons.

    So, Official or Government apathy does co-exist with consumer apathy towards safety, rules and regulations. I think apathy on the part of consumer is more dangerous than apathy of official as we, the end consumers are the last step where a disaster can be averted, if we question safety irregularities and breach of rules.
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    As a consumer or as a customer, we are having every right to question the service providers. After all, nobody wants to die for the mistakes of others. But the people are so much worried about the temporary gains or issues than the issues which are more serious. I want to have a journey tonight on the train. So I reserved my ticket and started my journey. But never worry about the amenities that are to be provided and actually provided. So we always think that the safety is the problem of railways. But we never think that we will also get affected if something happens. Nobody is having time to raise a complaint. We want to enjoy the night in a pub which provides us with the facilities within the budget. That is the only point we look in. We never think about other aspects. As long as we are in this thinking process the things will happen like this only. I 100% say yes to the views of the author.
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    First of all as a consumer none of us are questioning the company or the organisation which selling or providing service when it errs. Once I purchased a branded tooth paste and astonished to find only air in it and no paste. I complained to the retailer who in turn forwarded to the company. They cane and inspected the pack and found that the entire lot was having the problem as only air was filled and the paste was missing. So company bowed to the sorry happening and gifted me with one case of tooth paste and that was a big win for me. Here I made the complaint and that was well received and redressed.
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