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    Minimum Educational qualification for voting right?

    In India, we all will get voting right in elections once we cross the 18th year. This is irrespective of your qualification, caste, religion. The only criteria are that you should be an Indian Citizen with more than 18 years of age. This is leading to some problems because many people won't understand the importance of this vote. They get tempted for small temporary gains than permanent gains and better living. Especially in Villages many of the people go by their leader but they will never have any idea about the consequences. I feel if any minimum educational qualification is kept as a criterion this problem may come down. The voters may go by the merits and demerits of the candidates and their parties. They may use some logic and may select a good candidate. I like to know the ideas of other members on this issue.
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    Many people support this demand. Many people want that people must be educated to exercise voting right. But how do you know whether a person is properly educated, or not. Is academic qualification a proper measure to check education. I think no.

    A political leader who has recently been sent to Ranchi jail is an MA in Political Science. His supporters are also qualified. But did they behave/are they behaving like educated people? Did the voters who supported this corrupt leader vote sensibly like educated people?

    Let us not mix up education and acadeemic degree.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    I feel that instead of keeping a criterion for the voters, there should a minimum educational qualification for the candidates who are contesting the elections. As they would be the one who would make a greater impact after getting a position.

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    What Neethu said is right. Charity should start from home. Same is the case here. It is not the ruled to be educated but the ruler. We should strengthen our Panchayat Raj system by involving the educated youth and should try to develop the rural areas. This would help in reducing the illiteracy rate comparatively and election process should slowly be streamlined in a phased manner. Now, we rarely find MLAs and MPs being 'Nishanins' and everyone is educated these days. Firstly, we should make it mandatory that minimum qualification for contesting an election right from Muncipal Corporator to MLA/MP should be a graduate as they are enjoying the Govt. perks and benefits and pensioner benefits also after expiry of the term.

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    The Indian electoral process has been designed in such a way that even the illiterate can exercise the franchise by seeing the logo of the party or candidate and not concerned about candidate. Care has been taken that no logo or the symbol depicts like other and even slightest doubts has been removed and the independent candidate if any are advised to come with new logo. In Telangana the TRS symbol is ambassodar car. Now if any one want to stand as the Independent candidate and has the symbol of fiat car, the EC wont agree and he has to chose another symbol. As such there is no need to educate the voters or minimum qualification needed.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    There are only two qualifications for a voter in India. 1. He/she must be the citizen of the country and 2. He/she must be of 18 or more in age. This reflects the ethos of the Indian Constitution. To my mind, the requirement of minimum qualification for the voters and their representatives is of no use. I have seen that while voting, many so called educated voters have a fixed views regarding a particular political party.
    The need of the hour is to educate the people about the voting right and proper use of this right.

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    In an ideal world both should be educated, the voter and the candidate standing in the election. In general terms, people who are educated would have the capability to judge the character and capabilities of the candidate who wants to be elected. But education alone is not enough. India has many street smart people who by the virtue of being experienced without having a degree are good businessmen and have the capacity to judge a party or its candidate by knowing the details. Of course, there would always be a crowd who get led or misled by political parties to caste their vote based on caste, money and favoritism. Some degrees can even be purchased or faked by both the voter and the candidates. As mentioned by some members above, having a degree does not mean that people will think rationally with responsibility. So, it is difficult to insist on a qualification for the public, at least we can try this with the candidates and see what the impact is.

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