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    Unanswered questions in our life.

    We all grow at home or at school and learn that every question elicits a response or an answers. Similarly when we study or become professional we function with the understanding that questions should give us an answer. But then comes life, throwing a curve ball at us.

    We face an unsual situation, we suffer a great personal loss, failure of a relationship, losing a loved one and other sad events that all of us wish that it never happened.

    Even after a long time, many still spend time analyzing as to Why it happened to me? What did I do to deserve this misfortune? Why am I suffering when I'm a good human being. As time goes by we never find an answer. When our analytical brain (that has been trained for many years to expect an answer), does not get an answer, it obviously gets confused. In reality, the simple reason is that some questions in life are so difficult to understand and comprehend that we cannot find an answer.

    When life's problems and events are beyond our control, beyond rational explanation, we should tell ourselves that it's fine because 'some questions in life do not have an answer'. The sooner we tell this to our mind, the sooner we move the better it is, rather than struggling to find an answer that does not exist.
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    Certain things in our lives are beyond our control. We feel that we can do everything and everything. But when we face certain situations we will become helpless and what has to happen will happen. That is life. But we should not be struck back with a loss. We should not stop living with that problem. That is all the game we have forget it and progress in other aspects. Then only we can enjoy our lives without many setbacks. Otherwise, if we keep worrying about the happenings and thinking more about the same incident will make you lose your complete life.
    We should be like a rugger ball and strike back and we should not be there like a mud ball. Then only we will be successful in our lives. So keep trying and trying for success in life.

    always confident

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    God wants him to remember at the every moment of our life. But we seldom do that. When we are happy and wealthy, we wont even chant his name. nor visit the temples nor donate to the needy. God always gives wealth to us so that we can take care of ourselves and also to part with some one who needs our life urgently. But seldom we reach out to others and thus the God gets furious and also get detached with our being and thus we start experiencing bad things in life with lots of challenges and tricky situations unable to take firm decisions. And at last we again bow head to the God who again shows mercy to recover.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I always think for certain things which have no solution and we can't find an answer for them and only option I prefer to choose is the 'skip' button. In our examination during our studies, we won't wait for an answer to a question which we didn't know, what we have done? Just left it and passed on to the next. When there is time to think of the answer, we did come back to it and tried to attempt. Same is the case in life. In the other thread, I did say that it is always easy to preach by sitting outside the fence. But we can't help it when we had to face a rough weather in our life but to move on.

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    Nice replies friends, Mr.Jagdish, you have made a very important point that I never thought off. We all have written exams, skipped questions, came back, answered a few, left a few BUT we passed our exams too. Similarly, some questions need not be answered, life can and should go on without it.

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    For me there is only one answer for my failure.
    Not paying proper attention.
    Infact, it can be applied to anyone and their mistakes.
    Every question has an answer.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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