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(This thread is the Special Prize winner of the TOW contest for for the week 7th Jan’18-13th Jan’18)
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    Have your realised your own brand value?

    These days we talk about the brand value of celebrities, iconic legends, sports stars and we are amazed by their brand value.

    In more than one way, are all have an inherent brand value at work and in the society, it is just that many of us have underestimated it. We may not get ad contracts but we can certainly develop our own brand value.

    Some of us may be so reliable at work, that the boss would give a task and not even bother to check back because we would certainly complete it. There would many such things that we can develop within us in our professional and social sphere, it would enhance our image perception, the way people look at us and can also help in our own personal and professional growth.

    Honesty, punctuality, reliability, dedication, commitment, positive motivation to be more productive, there are many such qualities that can be groomed to build our own brand. We may not become famous as the celebrities but certainly, we would have a brand value that people would respect us for.

    So, go ahead, build your own brand and be yourself.
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    Nicely said by the author that every one of us has the brand value and only the difference that we are not endorsing our popularity with others but using for the self silently. We are famous in the family circle as they would entrust some task and we complete the same without hitch. Some of us have close contacts with government departments and get the work done without spending too much money or time. And at the office the boss keeps immense faith on us and he wont even verify the authenticity of the work done and that faith has to be kept and we have the double responsibility to behave sensibly.
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    Very interesting and nice thread from the author depicting new dimension for our virtues. In fact every human being is a unique sample in terms of various attributes like discipline, honesty, punctuality, co-existence, cordial behaviour, understanding etc.

    A person is known in the society as he ppears to them as an assimilation of all these good properties.

    In this way his brand is already established in a society and society expects from him that he will be continuing like that. Whenever people come to us seeking help or advice it is the brand value which attracts them.

    Knowledge is power.

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    That is correct. We will have definitely our identity, value and brand in our friend circle, relatives circle, society and in the work areas. When some discussion comes in a group about a subject we may refer some name even though he is not there. That gives him a value. In a class when we get the first mark on a subject when the teacher, advise other students, will be referring our name and it will be the recognition you got in the class. Like this, every body will have a brand value that is created by virtue of your behaviour or any other quality and we will stand as an example for others. What brand image you will get is completely dependent on your work, character or conduct. So everyone should try to achieve the brand value and should try to get it. One my colleague will be always late to meetings. So he was branded as a late comer.
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    I don't know how much I have created my own brand value but once I was called "sankat mochan" meaning the "reliever from troubles"in my organisation where I am associated. Often I called to fulfil the job if any one is absent. So, I can do anything and can take care of other work field if at all required. I must say proudly that wherever I have worked my superior or my bosses has plenty of faith on me. I thank God for the value he created on me even without having any diploma or degree.

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