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    Prime Minister Modi in the top three position in Global Leadership rankings!

    It is indeed a moment of pride for 125 crore Indians. Perhaps for the first time in Indian history that an Indian Prime Minister made it to the top three among the Global leaders as per a survey conducted by Gallup International. The survey has ranked Prime Minister Narendra Modi among the top three leaders of the world. The top ranking in the survey went to French president Emmanuel Macron and the second slot was bagged by German chancellor Angela Merkel.

    It was pertinent to mention that he was ahead of world leaders like British Premier May, President Netanue of Isreal and US President trump. Political leaders may have their different opinions about such surveys but an achievement is an achievement and we should feel proud of it. It is not a recognition to an individual but to the country as a whole. Great going of our leader!
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    It is really a great pride for every Indian that our PM Modi has been rated as the third best leader of the world. At home he might not be liked by parties and people, but globally he has been making wonderful presence with his body language and oratory skill. The way he is keeping contacts with the world leaders through his Twitter handle was mind blowing as every top leader of the world is having exchange of views even though they are not visiting each other personally and thus a conscience on what to be done is also coming to forth. This news is good for India when every Indian can feel proud off.
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    For many people (read arm-chair intellectuals) of the country, this is a shocking news. But for majority Indians, this is expected. However, I find the names of first position and second position holders little bit astonishing. Particularly the popularity of present German Chancellor Angela Merkel is diminishing day-by-day because of her decision to allow middle-eastern refugees in Germany. Many German people think that she directly responsible for the rapidly increasing law & order problem and 'lone wolf' attacks in Germany.
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    This is a good news that the Indian PM is in the top three leaders of the world. The credit of his achieving this position goes to his relentless visits abroad. The projection of the PM on the every platform available as a sole leader who cares for the international relations is also one of the strong reasons behind this. The Indians living out side India are influenced very much from this projection. I remember the advertisement of PM during Diwali in the US.

    We need to critically analyse the survey. There are inherent shortcomings of such surveys. The sample size of this survey is only 1000. The period of the survey, the prevailing situation during the survey and the questions asked in the survey influence the outcome of such surveys.

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    It is indeed a proud moment for the country and I would like to congratulate our PM for this achievement. Though I am likely to be branded again, I was just trying to connect the point about 'different opinions about such surveys' that has been brought out by the author of the thread and the astonishment expressed by Partha over the survey results about the first and second positions. And I think I could gather the answer.
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    1. So far as astonishment over my astonishment regarding first and second position is concerned, I have nothing to comment. This is simply because the reason of astonishment over my astonishment has not been properly explained.

    2. Although I have almost forgotten Statistics, I vaguely remember that all surveys are carried out by taking samples. And samples are 'representation of actual population'. I also vaguely remember that increasing sample size does not always ensure more accurate result.

    3. Does any survey take crores and crores of people as sample? I don't know. Perhaps those who doubt the accuracy of the survey being discussed can comment.

    4. If frequent foreign visits are necessary for gaining popularity, I propose the name of Virat Kohli as the leader of the country. He visits foreign country much more frequently than the Prime Minister. So, he would be the Number 1 popular leader.

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    It is a really happy moment for all the Indians and hearty congratulations to our great leader and Prime Minister Mr.Modi, for achieving top 3 positions in Global Leadership rankings.Indeed, it is a recognition to the whole country but not to an individual. The NRIs are getting very much influenced by the way our PM maintaining relations with other countries and the way he is developing relations with other countries. Even in India majority of the people are with him and in the present condition of the country he is the best leader in India and he is second to none on the home soil.Of course, there will be always some opposition will be there and we can not rule out that completely.
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    Recognition of the country in international arena is a good sign. Anything positive to the country is to be appreciated. Doesn't matter which political party rules. Gallup international is a reputed research institute and questioning their credibility and their methods of analysis is not correct, I feel.Prime Minister Narendra Modi is to be appreciated for this achievement.

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    Absolutely, it is an achievement on world stage. It is different if one like him or not, it may be because we follow different ideology. But, at least we should accept the truth and appreciate his achievements as such. After all he represent as PM of India and not any particular political party. I feel this is the time when we should come out of our own "well" and think with broad mind to accept it.

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    We as Indians should be proud that one among us has attained the enviable position of 3rd in the Global Leadership rankings. Congratulations for our PM Mr. Narendra Modi. Incidentally, he was ranked at 5th place in 2015. Cutting across party lines, all political leaders should express their wishes to Mr. Modi to send out a clear signal that we are proud of our fellow Indian at this position. Mr. Rahul Gandhi should show the spirit to call or at least convey his wishes to Mr.Modi. Slowly but surely, the status of our country in International circles has been improving step by step and each such step is not a small achievement. Ease of doing business, new level of relationship between India and Japan, India and US, the way we have handled our pesky neighbors all indicate that we are poised to a new level of brand. Hope this will also enable us to head towards the permanent seat in the UN security council. I don't know how the ranking is done or what criteria are selected but I found the US president Mr.Trump at number 10, it would be an embarrassment.

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    This is a pride moment for the country. Internationally India is improving. Our foreign ministers are doing good job.
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