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    Soup on a wintery evening

    We all love having soups. most of us usually have soups when we either go out to a restaurant or the ready-made soups available in the market.
    Tomato, corn chicken, mushroom and vegetables contribute to make some of our favourite soups. Soups make us feel warm and refreshed ,especially on a wintery evening. It is not very difficult to prepare soups at home. I love the tomato soup and the rich creamy almond soup made at home with some nice crunchy bread crumbs.
    Has anyone tried making soups at home and which is your favourite soup? What are the health benefits of having soups during winter. Please share your views.
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    We never had the habit of having soup during winter nor it was prepared at home any time. However when we go to the hotels the start up is given as welcome menu and that would be a tomato soup with a pieces of breads. I too like the soup when added pepper to it and that will sooth the soar throat during the winter. But instead of soups we in Hyderabad are fond of hot mirchi bajjis which are made at the home or purchased from the vendors on the streets. Evenings are specially earmarked for such varieties like Alu Bajji, Mirchi bajji, dal wada and Punugulu, which is made from the rice batter.
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    Yes, soup is excellent to give warmth to our body within a very short time. In North India, soup is an essential item in almost all households during winter. Nowadays Delhi shops are full of different types of packets of soup. These are very tasty also.
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    It is true that soups are good in the winter evenings to give warmth to our body. We all in our family are fond of soups expect my wife. But she is good in making the soups. My two sons always fond of having soups in the evenings before supper. We prefer soup with some papads as a side dish with soups. Whenever we go out for eating we will start with a soup. In the house also we will have ready mixes of these soups and prepare as and when required. Now my wife started tasting a little whenever it was made in the house. But she doesn't want to take outside. My favourite soup is sweet corn soup. Sometimes we will prefer tomato soup also. We always add a little salt and pepper and consume. Always papad is the side dish and no exemption to it whatever may be the soup.
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    Yes true, Soup in a wintery evening is giving special feeling.
    I like Broccoli soup. Very good taste! My wife is happy to prepare it.Broccoli is coming under qualiflower group of vegetables. I don't know about its health benefits. I think, its preparation is available in YouTube or anybody in this forum can explain the recipe. I suggest those who have not tasted try to prepare and taste!

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    We often enjoy soup, mostly the ready made packets. Bread croutons are also available these days with good quality and taste. We love the tomato soup with extra croutons. This is liked by many during winter because it is warm, tasty and satisfying to drink in the evenings or winter nights. At hotels prefer soup with the papad decked with finely chopped onions, carrots and coriander leaves. The Chinese varities are good especially the soup noodles that are in between a snack and a meal, kids love it. It is very good for stuffy nose and colds too.

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