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    School Note books were your friends in progress. Do not dispose it off, maintain a library instead.

    Just have the courtesy to respect your note books that were written with great care, maintained with love and affection but as soon as we qualify to next level we wont care those books and even dispose it to waste paper merchants. Instead maintain a library of your own note books from the small class to the higher level. I am sure they would certainly help enrich our knowledge as when we keep on reading books again and again new meanings would come to forth and that is additional knowledge acquired. And one more thing, when you were a performer with all good and excellent remarks on the pages, surely that should not be discarded at all for any reason.
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    It is true that keeping old notebooks may be good but the total bundle will become very big and it may require a lot of space. Every standard we will have different subjects and each subject will have three to four notebooks. So every the total number of books will not be less than 25 to 30 in number. So I feel it is difficult. Instead of that, we can keep the textbooks which are important for us in future. I kept all the textbooks which I have used in my post-graduation. They are good useful reference books. Even today they are useful to me for the clarification of subject during my work. Graduation books were given to some other student and afterwards to whom he has given I don't have any knowledge. Same is the case with high school and Intermediate books. A copy of my Thesis of my PhD is also with me at present.
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    You need not store the text books, only note books that has good remarks from the teachers can be retained.
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    It is a fact that the school note books are worth keeping. If we had kept them, I feel it would have been an asset. But we didn't do that. Perhaps at that age we were not aware of its importance. Elders did not advise us too. In the case of text books, on the other hand we used to hand it over to another person (student) who would be just junior to us, because they need it. Note books were also, sometimes, collected by juniors.
    As suggested in the thread it would have been an asset to verify how were careful in collecting study materials. Even it would give a picture about how our hand writing has changed slowly from year after year. I started writing diaries after getting job. Even those available with me show lot of changes in my handwriting as well as in the language. Always it will be better to keep old records, if possible.


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    As Mohan sir said that note books are very important to store and put it as library. One more thing I would like to add that some prizes or gifts given at school level should be kept for our sweet memories. Why I am saying this is I got a English to Telugu dictionary for getting second place in essay writing in mandala level. My English sir gave this gift to me with his beautiful hand writing as preface to my win. I feel missing that dictionary today. So, our sweet memories are our note books. It is very well and happy to preserve such books as a library.

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    A good idea but many homes do not have the luxury of storing books for everyone over a long period. Individual homes with a car shed or a store-room can keep books and other memorabilia. Looking back at school books, if the handwriting was good, the notebooks who be taken by relatives or family friends. Textbooks would be reserved by juniors or young cousins.
    I like the thought of keeping books with good remarks for the nostalgic value that we can glance once in a while. We have kept children's first few drawings, first book with scribblings and stars added by the teacher, after a couple of years we stopped.

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