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    Pots and plates mingling leads to noise

    There is a saying in Malayalam " chattiyum Kalavum aayal thattiyum muttiyum irrikkum", meaning if pots and plates are used jointly they will create sounds owing to collision. This applies to human beings. For example, the simple issues developing between husband and wife. The issues will not be serious but through unnecessary talks it develops to a quarrel. If anybody try to interfere the advise from elderly people will be something like the above. Just leave it to them automatically it will get solved. Nobody tried to stop the sound produced by pots and plates.
    In our life we come across several such silly matters which would have solved by those who created by themselves, are taken up by others and made a very complex issue. These types of sayings in local tongues have great implications and meaning.
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    All ways many say not to in between the quarrels of wife and husband. That may be their personal matter and they know how to resolve it. Unnecessarily if a third person comes in between he will be fooled. So never go into that matter. Similarly, if there is a small fight between two children, the parents should see that they, for some time, will be away. Then they will forget the issue. Instead of that if elders are quarrelling for the petty issues between children the elders will be fighting but the children will mingle again. So we should not make the issues bigger and more complicated.
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    A very practical saying and I like the second part, we need not try and sort out simple things that settled down with the passage of time, instead of people interfering and blowing it out of proportion. These small frictions happen at home, between siblings, classmates at school, teammates in sports, between office colleagues, between friends. It happens in certain unavoidable circumstance but we can avoid them getting escalated. Unfortunately, some individuals use this as an opportunity to meddle into and escalate it to a level where in people fallout of their friendship or cordial relations that they had.

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    The normal see saw face off and quarrel by husband and wife was nicely compared to pot and plates on making sounds. While the relations of wife and husband can be restored, the broken pot and plate cannot be joined.
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    I had quoted this Malayalam saying very recently in my response #622171 inthis thread.
    I had said there that "........- with pots and pans(vessels) there will be hits and abrasions" That means that when you stay together at a place there will be difference of opinion,and even some hard fights."
    So if the people involved are mature and broad minded such things can be taken as natural and cared not to raise to disastrous levels. A little understanding, a little patience , an attitude of forgetting and forgiving are enough to smoothly sail through the many small difference of opinions in our daily life.

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