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It's time to express our appreciation for 4 special members who consistently shown as stars in our star-spangled ISC sky! Blow the trumpets, applaud the winners!
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    2017 ISC Stars of the Year - applaud the winners!

    At the top of my list of favourite roles is announcing awards ~ and announcing this particular one is my all-time favourite!!

    With consistently good quality contributions throughout 2017, the Webmasters are awarding the prestigious annual awards, which comes with a cash prize of Rs.1000/- to Umesh and Soundharya.

    Additionally, a special surpize for our hard-working content development team: Two members of this team have also been selected by the Webmasters to receive the same cash prize: Suman Sahu and Padmini.

    2017 ISC Super Stars

    Please join me to give a standing ovation to all the winners. May they inspire fellow ISCians with their stellar contributions!
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    My standing ovation to Umesh , Soundharya, Suman Sahu and Padmini for grabbing the prestigious stars of the year award for 2017 chosen by our web masters. Truly they deserve.
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    My heartiest congratulations to Umesh, soundharya, Suman Sahu & Padmini for winning the prestigious ISC Annual award.
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    Congratulations to Mr. Umesh, Ms. Soundharya, Mr. Suman Sahu and Ms. Padmini for winning the most prestigious award of ISC for the year 2017.
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    Congratulations to Umesh , Soundharya, Suman Sahu and Padmini for being awarded the most important award of the year 2017. It is an achievement for consistency and performance for these deserving members. All the very best this year.

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    Congratulations to the Star of ISC 2017- Umesh and Soundharya.. Deserving and Excellent!
    Also congratulations to the special award winners -content developing- Suman Sahu and Padmini. It pays to work hard and consistent.

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    Congratulations to the star of the year 2017'ISC. Umesh and Soundharya. Really deserving and excellent.Also ongratulations to the special winners Soman Sahu and Padmini.
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    Hearty congratulations Suman, Padmini, Umesh and Soundarya. You truly deserved this. Keep up the good work.
    Live life Kingsize!

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    Congratulations to each of the winners, Stars of the Forum, of the year 2017.
    Let this be an encouragement to everyone.


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    Heariest congratulations to Star of the ISC: Soundarya, Umesh and members of content development team-building Suman Sahu and Padmini. Keep up the good work and win many more awards in future.

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    My Congratulations to Umesh and Soundharya for winning ISC Annual award for their consistent well deserved performance in the year 2017. I also wish to congratulate Suman Sahu and Padmini for their hectic efforts in Content Development of ISC Portal. These awards definitely inspire others to follow in suit.

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    Many congratulations to Umesh and Soundharya for winning ISC annual award for there up to the mark and consistent performance throughout the year and Suman Sahu and Padmani for their contribution in content development. I hope you keep winning more such prizes and best wishes for your future endeavors in ISC and in life in the new year.
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    Congratulations to the stars of ISC. Happy to see these kind of acknowledgements. These are inspirational and motivates upcoming contributors of this group.
    Sri Vetri
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    My hearty congratulations to Umesh, Soundharya, Suman Sahu and Padmini for getting the ISC Stars of the year 2017 award. Good to see ISC showing such a great motivation for the other members as well as rewarding the truly deserving members.

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    Congratulations to Mr. Umesh, Ms. Soundharya, Mr. Suman Sahu and Ms. Padmini for winning the prestigious award of India Study Channel's award "star of the year" for the year 2017.
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    Hearty congratulations to Umesh and Soundharya for winning the prestigious Star of ISC award for the year 2017 and also to Suman and Padmini for winning the Surprise award for their contribution to content development. These awards are really special and it goes on to prove your consistent and dedicated efforts to further the interests of this site positively. All the best! Hope you all will continue the good work and also hope that such announcements will inspire our members to be active and to contribute quality contents with a positive spirit.

    *The cash rewards and points to all the winners have been credited.

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    Thanks everyone for their good wishes and sweet gestures.

    I joined ISC in Dec 2016 and have completed 1 year and 1 month and did not know that their is such an award as 'Star of the Year'. So today morning when I logged in to post a thread in the forum I found that I have been awarded this prize and I was really very much surprised and of course was very happy to see it.

    I think I learned many creative things in this portal and also learned various knowledgeable things from other members and I want to acknowledge it at this opportune time.

    I take this opportunity to congratulate other winner Soundarya and awardees for content development Suman Sahu and Padmini.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Congratulation I hope you all continue with all your power this year also, Best of luck and continue to contribute to this amazing site which is progressing day by day.
    live happily in every situation of life

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    Wow! It is really a big surprise and I am glad to see my name on the list. Thank you all for your valuable wishes. Special thanks to the management of ISC for selecting my name for the prestigious ISC Star of the year award- 2017. Also, my hearty congratulations to other stars of ISC-Mr. Umesh, Mr. Suman Sahu, and Ms. Padmini for winning the award.

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    Congratulations to all four Stars of ISC - Soundharya, Umesh, Suman and Padmini for their respective Star of the Year awards. You all four have been wonderful at your task, the whole year round and truly deserve the award. All the best for all your future endeavours.
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    Congratulations Umesh,Saundarya,Suman Sahu and Padmini for winning the awards!

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    Hearty congratulations Umesh, Soundharya. Suman Sahu and Padmini for being the stars of the year 2017. Keep on shining in the year 2018 as well.
    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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    Heartiest congratulations to all of the winners of the award. It is so nice to note that contributions of our team members. Being a content development team manager, I must really congratulate Padmini and Suman along with Umesh and Soundharya.
    A special mention about Madhvee Chaubey who has been our erstwhile Content Development Team Member. She has been very instrumental and a very good writer in herself. She was blessed with higher professional purpose and existence and I must really thank Madhvee for her kind words.

    Madhvee, do let us know when the near future permits you to come back to Content Development Team!

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    Congratulations to Mr. Umesh, Soundharya and Suman for winning this prize.

    Thanks a lot ISC for this. Although I have won some contests and even have received some regular monthly prizes but this is an awesome experience.
    I saw this announcement on 13th and was eager to response here as soon as possible.
    I give all the credit to Dr. Apurva who supported and guided a lot during initial days. This does not mean that his role has ended here. Whenever I face any issue including technical ones, I knock his door for support. Thanks, Dr. Apurva for all your support.


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    Hearty Congratulations to Mr. Umesh, Ms. Soundharaya, Ms. Suman and Ms. Padmini for winning the star of the year. Let success be always yours.

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    My Hearty Congratulations to Mr. Umesh, Ms. Soundharya, Mr. Suman Sahu, Ms. Padmini for being the winners of the most prestigious award of ISC for the year 2017.

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    Hearty Congratulations to Umesh, Soundharya, Suman Sahu and Padmini for winning the prestigious yearly award. It's indeed an honor.

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    Heartiest congratulation Soundharya and Umesh. You guys deserve the honour. Glad to have you share the prestigious 'ISC Star of the Year' award. Join the gang.

    Congratulations to the Content Development Team members Padmini and Suman Sahu on being recognised for your efforts.

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    Congratulations to Suman, Padmini, Soundharya and Umesh on bagging the prestigious Star of the year award. Good going and keep it up with much more contribution.

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