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    You don't get angry when your close friend scold you.

    It's a sign of deep relationship or love when your close friend fires you or scold you sweetly and you can do nothing but laugh from the other side. You know it well that behind the scolding there is a deep love hiding.

    I am not a FB person. I go to it just to see whether my friends are all ok and are doing fine. I post a message if anyone is online or else sometimes I silently come out. Today, after such a long time, I logged in to FB and found one of my school friends is online. I had misplaced his contact number, so I messaged him to say Hi and asked his contact number. Before providing me his number, I had to get scolding from him. Even during the conversation, he was firing at me as there were no updates from me. I forgot them and was living in my own world. I had to do nothing but was laughing out from other side of the phone.

    Really, it brings new energy when you realize that someone cares about you. We may have no regular contacts but still, we remember and care for each other. What is your say on this?
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    Normally a friend only can have or given right to indicate whenever we err. Angry on a friend in such situation is not correct.

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    Everybody will have more faith towards their friends. In many cases the people trust friends more than the relatives and family members. If the friend is a real well wisher and cares for betterment, we will never get angry on him even though he scolds. A real friend will never scold without a valid reason. So we should take his scoldings as a good wish and see that we will be on right path. There is no point in getting angry on a person who really wants you to progress. We should take them as a good advise and correct ourselves if there is any thing wrong in us.
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    Please note that only close friends has the liberty to scold us and chide us even in front of others and that is great feeling every one goes through. And the best part is that we wont mind of that scolding.
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    A scolding and firing from a true well wisher will be taken in true spirit. There won't be any feeling of hurt , shame or retaliation.
    It was so with parents scolding children . But this is now slowly coming down and children feel the parents as enemies when they scold the children for mistakes. Teachers had lost the right to scold without risk of retaliation,long ago. Now probably only friends retain that right. God knows until when it will last.

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    As both friends understand each other and since they both share a deep bond, generally we do not get angry when he/she scolds you. It can be a normal scuffle or a serious discussion in which our friend intends to do good to us. It is always the greater good when there is a serious argument or a scolding by our friend.
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    Yes, we don't get angry on our friends scolding because we know that even their scolding has a hidden aspect of love even when the scolding is loud and long like a lecture. My friends often give me such scolding when I forget their birthdays, wish them late or unable to receive their calls. Even there are hours long sessions of scoldings but I love to be scolded it there scolding seems like pampering because we can clearly see the care and love in their harsh words.
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    Not really. Yes, swearing at a friend does show your personal bondage but scolding is an entirely different concept.
    And its all in the eyes. Those eyes can show both hatred and friendly love.
    Can you stand your friend belittling you before everyone?
    In privacy too, sometimes belittling becomes too much.
    Friendship is based on the equalness, and once when a friend starts belittling you, you're no longer a friend and an equal.
    I can stand my friend swearing at me but not scolding me.

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    These are words not spoken out of anger but with love and affection, spoken because of the lack of contact and an expression that you have been missed. True friends, close friends, well wishers and relatives often scold us when we call them for something. The first lines would be that you forgot me until now, when you need me you are contacting me. The meaning and the message is more at a personal level and are uttered by people who have the right to do so in a close friendship bond. Neither can everyone can do it, nor would you/we tolerate it also. Glad that we have such friends who don't hide behind false pretenses but spontaneously express themselves. Such liberties are taken by very few people whom we know and it includes our teachers. I've had teachers who scold me when I call up after many months, their scoldings are just a way to express themselves, after a minute, they would ask how things are, how family and children and doing, is all well? This is the love and bonding that we share with people who are not our blood relatives.

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