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    I am sure you too have created world map in kitchen

    I doubt if anyone has rolled the roti in round shape while preparing it for the first time in their life. It was just another day when I entered in my kitchen to prepare roti/chapati/ fulke. I was satisfied that I could still roll it in proper round shape. Then, my thinking goes years back when I did try to prepare roti by myself staying away from home. It was not as easy to do so then. The first roti which I rolled, looked like the map of Australia. With some more hard work, I bettered myself and made it look liked Sri Lanka. And this is how slowly with trying more, I could be able to create round shape.

    I am sure many of us has the same kind of experiences. But the question is which country's map you had prepared at first time preparing roti in the kitchen? Would not be it interesting to roll back in the past?
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    Rolling back into the past...Can you make a perfect circle? That was a fun thread and the Australia map creation was mentioned there, too!

    Let's see, though, if newly joined members who were not participants in that thread would like to share their experiences & give tips. From the time of that thread to date, did the participants get successful in their roti-making? In our house, we have outsourced it! A lady in our building provides us with our daily requirement.

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    Making perfect round shape of chapati or roti wont be possible for the first timers as there is a need to smear the oil inside to get the bulging chapati and in that process the perfect circle would miss but my first experience was ended as Australian map.
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    I have tried my hands at chapatis and dosa. My first few attempts ended up being thick of a shape that I wouldn't call it a map but more like an amoeba. projections in different directions.

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    I never made chapati myself in the kitchen. Many times I cooked rice. I made some fries and curries. I prepared rasam and sambar also. But I never tried my hand in preparing chapathis. If anytime I have to make a dish instead of rice I go for up a but not chapathi.
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    I always try to eat a square or triangular parotha, roti, chapathi and puri. It is very easy to make than struggling hard to make a circular roti. After rolling it, I simply cut it with the knife to make a perfect square/triangle. It is true that we make the unknown country's map with imperfect rolling.

    During my childhood, I had an aunt who was an expert pappad maker. She used to sell papad. Whenever I visited her, I used to make few papads of improper shape. I carry them with me, fry it and eat it happily with a great feeling of 'My self-made Papad.'

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    Like everything we learned, only 'practice make perfect'.
    Each one will have stories of things and money wasted in many new ventures until they perfected it and became unbeatable in it. It is same with so simple a things(as it will appear) as brushing teeth; but almost every one of us would have swallowed the sweet tooth powder of tooth paste in our child hood days initially.

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    As a child I have made different maps while making chapatis. In fact I would have fun saying, today I made a map of India, of Pakistan the next day, china and so on.Gradually I learnt the art of making a perfect Roti/chappati.first of all the dough has to be kneaded well. If it is either too soft or too hard you'll never be able to make it in round shape. Secondly practice is required to do so. It is not necessary to smear oil .it can be rolled using the dry flour. Oil can be used in parathas and Puris while kneadiing the dough.
    Now I can make the best and round fluffy Roti in no time. That's because of practice that has made me perfect.

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