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    Let us pay our respect to this great revolutionary on his death anniversary

    He was born on 22nd March, 1894. His father was a school teacher. He was sent to Baharampur from his birth-place Chittagong for Graduation study. In Baharampur, he came in contact with other revolutionaries of Bengal and joined Anushilan Samiti, a well-known revolutionary group of Bengal. After completion of his Graduation, he returned to Chittagong and started teaching Mathematics at National School.

    But this great revolutionary not only taught Mathematics to his students. He also taught the students to love the Motherland. He single-handedly mentored an army of great revolutionaries and meticulously planned to attack the British in the heart of Chittagong city.

    1930 arrived. The great disciples of this great revolutionary challenged the British. Preetilata Waddedar and her four comrades attacked European Club. She committed suicide when surrounded by the police. The great revolutionary himself raided Chittagong Armoury. British administration ceased to exist for a few months in Chittagong district. The revolutionaries fought the British soldiers at Jalalabad hill. Many of his disciples got killed. And he himself somehow managed to leave the place in disguise along with some of the comrades.

    He asked his comrades to leave Chittagong but himself stayed in the district. He was ultimately captured in 1933 because of a police informer. The police informer was himself beheaded within a few days by another revolutionary.

    The great revolutionary, the great mentor of the revolutionary group of Chittagong district, was brutally tortured in jail. Just before his hanging, the British broke all his teeth with a hammer and pulled out all his nails. The dying body of this great revolutionary was hanged at Chittagong Jail on 12th January, 1934. Another revolutionary named Tarakeshwar Dastidar was hanged along with him. The British crossed every limit of decency. His body was not allowed to be cremated. The deadbody was thrown in the Bay of Bengal.

    The disciples of this great revolutionary who survived the carnage of the British played significant role even after independence of the country. They carried forward the sacred memory of Surya Sen, who is still known as 'Master-da' among Bengalis. His disciples actively took part for improvement of the people of the country after independence and remained in the forefront of various political movements till 1980s.

    On his death anniversary, I respectfully pay my obedience to the great revolutionary and mentor of many revolutionaries, Surya Sen (Master-da).
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    My appreciation to the author for providing great write up to the revolutionary leader Surya Sen and the contents may please be converted to a article for better remembrance by ISC.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Another good narration about a freedom fighter who opposed the British. This would be a very good resource for people/students of history. Are there any links or key words that would make this essay be brought up when someone searches for freedom fighters, Bengal etc.

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    A very good story again from the author regarding a special personality and a mentor for many students in making them patriots. An unknown freedom fighter has been made known to the members of this channel. Thanks to the author My respects to the great revolutionary and mentor on his death anniversary.
    always confident

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    Sir, this is not a story. On this very day in 1934, this man was brutally tortured. All his teeth were broken with a hammer. All his nails were taken out one after another, and then the almost dead person was hanged. After the hanging, the body was not allowed last rites. Instead the dead body was thrown in the Bay of Bengal by scared British administration.

    It is a pity that nobody knows about Master-da outside Bengal. This is due to our faulty history education. However, there are two recent Hindi films on his life, viz., Khelen hum jee jun se and Chittagong, in addition to another two Bengali films on his life.

    On the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, his ardent follower was hanged.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    True, a very painful death for the Bengal Tiger Master Da. History will never forget such man who did everything to free his motherland. My head bow down whenever I think of these fearless freedom fighters. It may look like a story to new generation but one have to go to such deep emotions if one really wants to know such great people. The time, the situation, the pain all were against them yet, they never bow down to British Government till the end of their last breath. No word is enough to explain about this man.

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