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    Century by ISRO. Congratulations.

    Another achievement by Indian Space Research Organisation. Today morning 100th satellite has been successfully introduced into space from SHAR centre, Nellore Dt., Andhra Pradesh. The entire program was handled with the greatest precision and we should congratulate the entire ISRO team for this splendid achievement. The entire nation should be proud of the achievement by these scientists. The scientists gave a very good welcome to the new Director of VSSC. Tiruvanatpurm who was appointed as the director just yesterday. I hope all the ISC members will join with me in congratulating the team of Scientists from ISRO who made all of us be proud and now we are also in the elite list of countries doing very advanced research in the field of space research.
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    Indian space program has been achieving success after success , it is all because of dedicated scientists at the helm of affairs who would ensure pride for the country on their every achievement. India is already a envied country on this count and with this 100th launch our expertise in space launch has further increased and the small countries would now look forward for ISRO to launch their satellites and thus India should now onward explore Commercial viability of our expertise and use ISRO facilities to maximum extent. On this occasion I join the with others in congratulating our ISRO scientists for their marvellous achievement.
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    I congratulate the scientists of ISRO for this unique achievement. The journey of ISRO started with launching of first Indian communication satellite Aryabhatt. ISRO launched 104 satellites in a single go. Now they have launched successfully the 100th Indian Satellite Cartosat-2 Series for earth observation.

    While congratulating the scientists of ISRO, I can not forget to salute the vision of the first PM of Independent India Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. The vision was that India would one day become a world power with world-class scientists. He played the most important role in establishing various institutes like BARC, DRDO, ISRO and IITs. He was criticised for encouraging these institutions in those days. These institutions are a matter of pride for Indians. I also salute scientists like Sarabhai , Homi Bhabha, Dr. Kalam for their dedication to make these institutes a success. ISRO's success is really great.

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    While congratulating our engineers, scientists and technicians on this achievement I wish the programme its expected success of purpose.
    Let this encourage more and more students and youths to pursue scientific and technological studies, research and career for the benefit of our country. and

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    Yes, I agree with the lines that it is the century of ISRO the way ISRO has launched its missions and that too at minimum budgets and progressing day by day the lines seem to fit exactly.
    Once people used to think that it is correct for a country like India where poverty is so much to spent huge amounts on space-programmes but today, when ISRO is also getting success in the commercial area, buy launching satellites for other countries also everyone is very much proud and such people criticising it has shut their mouths. I congratulate whole nation and ISRO for such amazing achievements and hope such continuity will keep on going in future also.

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    I take this opportunity to congratulate all the Indian Space Research Organisation scientists and technicians who were involved from the beginning in launching 100 satellites. This is not an easy number to achieve. Many countries have not done this yet and we should be proud that India is able to make it with the talented and hard-working scientists. Hope there will more achievements and new satellite launches this year.

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    This is indeed a glorious achievement that will find a dedicated space in the annals of Indian space history. I join my fellow countrymen in congratulating the whole team from ISRO whose dedicated efforts have made this mission possible!
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    I'm not sure what this 100 means, is it the 100th successful launch?, 100th indigenous satellite made by India that has been successfully launched?, because in Feb 2017 ISRO set a world record with launching 104 satellites using the polar satellite launch vehicle. Can the author clarify?

    ISRO has been the leading light in terms of scientific achievements and rocket technology for India and has put our country on the world map. We must congratulate the team of scientists, engineers and other staff for their efforts to set record after record. Two weeks back we had the death anniversary of Dr. Vikaram Sarabhai, Congratulations to the entire team.

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    Its really Good achievement and congratulation to all Indians and Scientists for achieving this Goal. I also worked in ISRO as contract base for some times I know how they are doing hard work and some times day night working going on if project delivery is on peak time.

    Scientist job is not so easy they do lot of Research and book reading to achieve the result and software are also so expensive.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
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