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    Warangal as the next IT hub in making after Hyderabad

    Ever since the TRS government has formed it has been exploring the possibilities of bringing more name and fame to Warangal because from here the party got whole some support from every citizen and thus they could achieve the dream of separate Telangana. Only for that reason the TRS party has even selected the Warangal famed arch as the Government symbol and that is now mentioned every where. Now the government wants to develop this place with IT presence and already the Minister for IT KTR has been conducting meetings and actions to bring some IT famed Companies to start its operation from Warangal.
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    I don't know whether it will really happen. Many people are telling many things. Yesterday it has written in a newspaper run by TRS that they are targetting Karimnagar as the city to develop as an IT hub after Hyderabad. Sometimes they will say they will develop Nizanmad and sometimes about Warangal. But the development all these years is around Hyderabad only. Nowhere else it is happening. I really don't understand what is going to happen. Even if really they want to make Warangal as an IT hub it takes more time and it will be a long way to go. Many of the IT companies are trying to downsize the manpower as the atmosphere is not very encouraging for the field now.
    Warangal is never conducive to Industries. Many industries which were started in the city were closed down and nobody is showing much interest in getting settled there. Once upon a time, the place is very notorious for Naxals undoings. These days there is some reduction in their activity but we can't expect when the situation will go bad again.

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    Every major city has a closer town that has the potential to be a smart city or the next in line for the development and expansion because the main city cannot cope with more additions. The new towns or small cities have lot of advantage, untapped potential, cheaper workforce, land prices and construction costs. The cost of living, rentals etc would also be lower. These lesser known places also could also be part of the development programs at various district levels. The ease of commuting, less chance of traffic jams etc are appealing to any IT or corporate firm. These may be the reason for considering Warangal.

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